The 99th Divorce Chapter 367

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“Hahaha Since the order is larger, it is only natural that the damages increase. Did you get the materials I told you about a couple of days ago?”

“Yes, it’s in the warehouse.”

“Great. Keep an eye on it. Call the German side and tell them that we may need to order a lot more materials. Reply to Shengfeng and say that I’ll be there in a minute.”

“Okay.” The secretary nodded.

“I just feel a bit weird. Shengfeng has worked with us many times, but they have never given us such a big order. I wonder what has happened.” Tang Zhenghao frowned.

The secretary smiled and said, “it means that they have recognized our strength. We are an old brand in the industry. Although the Li Group has been competing with us, our manufacturing is developing as fast as them. Maybe this is the turning point?”

Tang Zhenghao was satisfied with her reply and smiled, “Great. Go do your job.”

After the secretary walked out, Tang Zhenghao freshened up and left his office contentedly. An order five times bigger If he could get it done, it would be the biggest profit for his business in years.

Su Qianci was mad like never before. Although she was not in the entertainment business, her popularity had exceeded any star on Weibo in just one day. Some media even wrote about her background with the title “What You Don’t Know about the Rich Ladies.” She and the name of the global pianist Song Yifan ranked in the top.

In the Capital Military Area Command

“Song Yifan’s daughter?” Rong Haiyue looked at the news that popped up on his phone and tapped on it. He immediately saw that gorgeous little face. With a youthful look, she had a smile on her face, looking joyful. Rong Haiyue was dazed. After a while, he then gazed at the wedding photo on his table. In the picture, Rong Haiyue was smiling happily, while the woman next to him looked unnatural and cold. The woman looked so much like this girl. However, this girl was Song Yifan’s daughter? Tightening his grip on the cell phone, he stood up and walked out.

Rong Anna was about to go out when she saw him. “Dad, you’re going out?”

Rong Haiyue nodded and said, “Looking for your mother. Where is she?”

“Oh, mom left early in the morning. Give her a call. I’ll leave now. Mua~ bye, dad!”

His daughter’s spirit made him feel a bit better. His look softened. “Bye.”

Rong Anna giggled and left. He took out his phone and called his wife.

She quickly answered, “Hello?”

“Where are you?”

“At the art center for a workshop,” she said concisely.

“When are you coming home?”

“Do you need something?” She sounded cold and distant.

Holding his phone, he smiled and said, “I miss you.”

After a minute of silence, she said, “Rong Haiyue, I’m busy.”

Then she hung up. He smiled with self-mockery and then sent her a text message: I’m going to Kingstown for half a month. She quickly replied: Bon voyage.

Looking at the contact’s name, which was “My Dearest Xuan,” his eyes dimmed.

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