The 99th Divorce Chapter 371

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When Su Qianci woke up in the morning, Li Sicheng had left the bed. She stretched and yawned. After she washed, she went downstairs, and Nanny Rong had prepared her breakfast. Li Sicheng walked into the house wearing something casual. It looked like he was in a good mood.

Eating her breakfast, she looked at him and asked, “Where did you go?”

“To the back.” He washed his hands and sat down opposite her. Taking a sip of milk from his glass, he said, “I will take you to see a great show later.”

“Which show?”

“Breakfast first.”

If he thought the show was great, it definitely was. She quickly finished her bread and milk and asked impatiently, “I have finished. Where is the show?”

He chewed his food slowly and wiped away the milk on the corner of his wife’s lips. “Take your time. Give it two more minutes.” She waited patiently. After drinking the last bit of his milk, he checked his watch and said, “All right. Let’s go.” He took her to the back of their house, where Tang Mengying was supposed to be kept.

Before they approached, they saw two police cars and two luxury cars parked at the gate. Su Qianci stared, her eyes wide. Her heart in her throat, she squeezed Li Sicheng’s hand and asked, “What should we do? Are they going to find out about it? Why would they come to this place?”

“No worries. This is part of the plan.” He rubbed her hair. “Don’t look suspicious and be calm.”

She felt a bit scared, looking at him nervously. Seeing her look, he smiled and walked up with an arm around her shoulders.

A policeman saw him coming close, looked down at his file, and said, “You are Li Sicheng?”


“We suspect that you have something to do with a kidnapping case. This is the warrant.”

He glanced at it and arched an eyebrow. “So, did you find anything?”

The policeman did not expect him to be so calm. Gazing at him, he said, “The search is still ongoing. If any incriminating evidence is found, you will face charges.”

After he said that, several policemen came out of the house, followed by the Tang couple.

“Officer, no one’s there.”

Mrs. Tang burst into tears when she saw Li Sicheng. “Li Sicheng, you son of a b***h. Where did you hide my daughter? Give her back to me!” Then, she threw herself at him.

He protected Su Qianci and walked back, gazing at Mrs. Tang coldly. Seeing that, the police officers quickly stopped Mrs. Tang.

“Where did you hide my daughter? Give her back to me!” Mrs. Tang cried hysterically like a crazy woman.

Tang Zhenghao looked at Li Sicheng and said gloomily. “Li Sicheng!”

“Uncle Tang, I don’t think I did you any wrong. Without any evidence, why did you claim that I have kidnapped your daughter?”

“Of course we have evidence! I do!” Mrs. Tang wriggled free and took out her phone, showing everyone the video taken by the private investigators.

In the video, Li Sicheng’s face was clear and so were his lips. However, Su Qianci’s face was not in the frame.

With a poker face, Li Sicheng sneered at the video coldly.

A bit frightened, Mrs. Tang cursed, “Why the hell did you laugh? Here’s the evidence. Don’t try to deny it.”


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