The 99th Divorce Chapter 372

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A bit frightened, Mrs. Tang cursed, “Why the hell did you laugh? Here’s the evidence. Don’t try to deny it.”

Li Sicheng snatched the phone and looked at the officer who was clearly the supervisor of the others. “Officer, I have enough evidence that shows that she has followed me and infringed upon my privacy, portrait, and reputation. Mrs. Tang’s behavior clearly constitutes a libel.”

Mrs. Tang was dumbstruck. Her face pale, she exclaimed, “A**hole, that’s bulls**t!”

He did not pay attention to her and gave the cell phone to the officer. The officer looked at him and then played the video.

“Officer, don’t listen to his crap. This is the evidence that he has imprisoned my daughter. Look at his lips. He admitted keeping my daughter here himself.”

“So did you find her?” Su Qianci asked softly. She glanced at Mrs. Tang sarcastically. “You have to stop making things up at some point.”

Mrs. Tang was rendered speechless, staring at her with bloodshot eyes. If the police were not present, Su Qianci had no doubt that Mrs. Tang would slap her in the face.

Seeing Mrs. Tang’s look, she gloated inwardly and said, “You’re not only wasting your time, but also wasting the taxpayers’ money by calling the police. Since we are neighbors, if you apologize to my husband, we will not sue you.”

Li Sicheng heard that and smiled at his wife. She felt on top of the world. However, when she saw Mrs. Tang’s miserable look, she felt she had become a bad person. She had started to collude with Li Sicheng horrible! At some point, she was affected by his villain side. If they were in a movie, they would definitely be the negative characters.

Mrs. Tang was pissed off. She yelled, “Little b*****d, little b***h, you want me to apologize? Go to hell! Give my daughter back!”

“I’m just trying to resolve things. Why did you curse like that? That is horrible,” Su Qianci whispered, shrinking back behind Li Sicheng, looking like she was scared.

“Come to the police station with us, please,” The officer said to the Tang couple, glancing at Li Sicheng and Su Qianci. “They are right about your ‘evidence’ being an infringement to others’ privacy, portrait, and reputation. And indeed, we failed to find your daughter here. Your evidence is not strong enough.”

“Lips, read his lips! Officer, look at that. He admitted it himself.”

“If you need to say something, you can say it after you come to the station with us.” The policeman was a bit impatient. He then looked at Su Qianci and Li Sicheng. “You two should also come.”

Su Qianci was a bit nervous. She had never been to a police station before. Did she have to go?

Sensing her nerves, Li Sicheng gave her a pat on the back of her hand and said, “Officer, we would love to cooperate. However, my wife is fainthearted. I will ask my lawyer to talk to you.”

The police officer looked at her and nodded. “As soon as possible.”

Tang Zhenghao remained silent the whole time. As he got into the police car, he was gazing at Li Sicheng. Seeing Li Sicheng nodding to himself calmly, Tang Zhenghao had a bad feeling: he seemed to have more traps for him


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