The 99th Divorce Chapter 374

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“For its whole life, a swan would only have one partner until death. If one of the couple dies, the other one would live alone.” As he said that, the owner checked Li Sicheng’s look before he continued. “The jade stones on the swans are also very similar. It is rare that two pieces would look so much alike. Look at their patterns. There are almost completely the same. Since Mrs. Li likes it, you should take it.”

Su Qianci liked it a lot, especially after hearing what the owner had to say about them.

“Wrap them up for us, please,” Li Sicheng said.

She looked at him and asked, “Will you wear it?”

“It is more than a pendant and could also double as a pin. Mr. Li, I’ll show you how you can wear it so it does not look feminine.” The owner quickly took a tool out and changed the pendant into a pin.

Li Sicheng actually did not like it a lot. It was obviously something girlish, so how could he wear it? However, it was rare that Su Qianci liked a piece of jewelry, so he decided to buy it first. She took the pin from the owner and pinned it on the left panel of Li Sicheng’s coat.

“Looking good.” She smiled, turned around, and put the necklace on herself. “How does it look?”

“Great,” he answered without thinking.

She pouted. “You did not even think.”

He curled his lips and added, “Mrs. Li looks pretty always.”

The shop assistants felt so jealous that they wanted to shoot themselves. The owner, on the other hand, had seen a lot in his life. He took the credit card, swiped it, and said goodbye to the couple respectfully.

Su Qianci walked around in the mall but could not think of what she should give grandpa. She frowned.

“No rush. Take your time. There are still several days.”

Thinking of the fact that grandpa had never liked her gift in her previous lifetime, she was a bit frustrated Suddenly, she had an idea and looked at Li Sicheng with her eyes glistening. “Mr. Li, I have an idea.”


“I want to make grandpa a longevity peach.”

“Longevity peach?”


She gestured the size of the peach with her hand. “A peach this big, but actually a bun. If I make it myself, will grandpa be pleased?”


“Then it is settled.”

Su Qianci let out a sigh of relief. “But will it look too cheap? Should I give him something else?”

“Your idea is never cheap.”

If she were to make him something with her own hands, he would cherish it like treasure. His look softened as he rubbed her head. “Since you have an idea, let’s go to Ou Ming’s.”

“Ou Ming’s?” She had only seen Ou Ming a couple of times so far and had only had one interaction with him. Last time, when she lost the baby

“Yes, he is preparing to propose to that woman, and that’s why he’s making their relationship public.”

“That woman? Yu Lili?” Su Qianci blinked. “She will not say yes.”

Li Sicheng looked down at her. “You know her well.”

“We have been classmates for three years.” More importantly, she clearly knew that Yu Lili had never married Ou Ming. He had even Killed her!

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