The 99th Divorce Chapter 376

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Ou Ming said with contempt, “cheeky!”

“That’s a good method,” Li Sicheng said. “You better switch out her pills as well.”

“You are even worse.”

Luo Zhan sneered, “Quit being so hypocritical. We are all the same!”

“I’m not the same as you.” Li Sicheng pushed him away.

Ou Ming also said, “Nor am I.”

Luo Zhan didn’t reply.

After Su Qianci and Yu Lili finished singing, they saw the three guys putting their heads together.

Yu Lili looked down and asked, “What are they talking about?”

“No idea.”

“Hey, do you think that Luo Zhan is gay? He never had a girlfriend and is way too close to them.”

Su Qianci laughed into the microphone. The three guys glanced over, and she quickly put the microphone down. She whispered to Yu Lili, “I don’t think so.”

“Look at him. He is quite handsome and is already twenty-six years old. Why has he never been in a relationship? It is either physical or psychological.”

Su Qianci laughed. The three men scattered and asked the ladies to eat together. After hearing what Yu Lili had said, Su Qianci started to look at Luo Zhan differently. She deliberately walked behind Luo Zhan to observe the way he walked and the pants he was wearing

Li Sicheng immediately discovered her odd behaviors. Putting an arm around her waist, he asked, “What is it?”

She shook her head again and again, clearing her throat. Was she being too obvious?

After they reached the private room that Ou Ming had booked, they started to order. Yu Lili asked absentmindedly, “Does Luo Zhan like something sweet?”

“What?” Hearing his name, Luo Zhan was flattered.

“Does caramel pudding sound good?”

“Well Sure, thank you.”

Su Qianci secretly noted: Luo Zhan liked desserts. Getting Yu Lili’s look, Su Qianci asked, “Do you like sports?”


“Like what kind?”

“Um Swimming, volleyball, tennis”

“Bingo!” Su Qianci exclaimed, gazing at Luo Zhan. Hearing that, Yu Lili almost chuckled and quickly covered her face with the menu. Li Sicheng and Ou Ming immediately understood and laughed as well.

Seeing everyone was laughing, Luo Zhan was mortified and roared, “I am f**king straight!”

The waitress who just arrived couldn’t help laughing as well. Luo Zhan’s heart sank.

As if it was not bad enough to be the only single person present, they were even questioning his sexual orientation. This was a bad, bad day. He immediately stood up and walked out.

Ou Ming chuckled and asked, “Hey, where are you going?”


“There is one here.”

“I want to go outside!” Luo Zhan went to the public bathroom, unzipped his pants, and peed into the urinals. At that moment, a gracious, frail young man wearing a baby blue suit and a pair of rimless glasses came in. He was quite good-looking and tall. Luo Zhan glanced at the man’s crotch and then at his own manhood. Pouting, he was quite pleased with his own size and decided he would at least be a “one” if he were gay.

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