The 99th Divorce Chapter 377

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Luo Zhan was quite pleased with his own size and decided he would at least be a “one” if he were gay. The man in suit felt the glance from the urinal next to his and felt a bit spooky. He finished as soon as possible and zipped up without even shaking it dry. The man quickly went to wash his hands, and Luo Zhan had also finished and joined him. When washing his hands, Luo Zhan spotted the wet mark on the man’s pants.While washing, Luo Zhan reminded him kindly, “Hey, your crotch is wet.”

Hearing that, the young man shuddered, immediately turned the water off, and left.

What terrible luck! Running into a pervert in the bathroom!

Seeing his reaction, Luo Zhan bristled, “Hey, what the hell?”

Pretending that he had heard nothing, the young man walked as fast as possible and almost slipped on the wet floor. Luckily, he grabbed the door in time. Otherwise, he would fall miserably. Seeing that, Luo Zhan was amused despite his anger and put a hand on his shoulder. The man quickly turned around and flicked his hand away. “I’m f**king straight!”

Luo Zhan did not respond. He suddenly felt like a thousand arrows had pierced his heart. Gritting his teeth, he bristled, “Who the f**k told you that I am gay?” Looking disgusted, the man in suit quickly ran away.

“Dammit,” cursed Luo Zhan as he saw the man walking to their private room.

Yu Lili was at the doorway making a phone call. She immediately saw that person and her eyes lit up. “Lu Yihan!”

Seeing her, Lu Yihan looked surprised. He smiled. “Such a coincidence. You’re also here.”

“Oh, so you know each other?” Luo Zhan walked up. “Introduce me, sister-in-law.”


Yu Lili’s smile froze. “Who’s your sister-in-law?” Luo Zhan was shocked. He had been calling her that since Ou Ming was his brother. She had been glad to hear it all morning, so why did she have such a huge reaction now? “This is my high school classmate Lu Yihan. This is Luo Zhan, hacker Z.”

“I have heard a great deal about you,” said Lu Yihan.

Luo Zhan smiled and reached out a hand to Lu Yihan, while Lu Yihan frowned and did not shake it. He looked at Yu Lili and said, “I have a client, so I cannot stay.”

“Off you go.”

As Yu Lili said that, Lu Yihan immediately turned away without saying anything to Luo Zhan. Luo Zhan felt embarrassed and bristled.

So Lu Yihan really thought he was gay? What a huge mistake.

Luo Zhan felt it was necessary for him to get a girlfriend. Or even better, go to a club and lose his virginity! People doubted him everywhere, and he was about to cry. After the meal, Luo Zhan was even more upset. His two “sisters” kept looking after him, and his two brothers were laughing at him. He could not get mad either, otherwise the two slaves of their wives would definitely kill him. He had been such a doormat.

When Ou Ming proposed to continue the party at a club he owned, Luo Zhan immediately found an excuse and went away. As he drove, he saw a familiar figure on the side of the road. Cheng You was holding some documents and seemed to be waiting for the bus. Luo Zhan’s eyes lit up. He pulled over and asked, “Cheng You, where are you going? Can I give you a ride?” Indeed, she was overjoyed and quickly got in the car.

While driving, Luo Zhan asked, “Where’s the car that Li Sicheng assigned to you?”

“Don’t mention it. It’s broken and now under repair.”

“Right” he said. After hesitating for a while, he turned his head and tried to charm her, “Cheng You, you don’t have a boyfriend, right? What do you think about me?”

Cheng You said nothing.

He smiled brilliantly and leaned against the steering wheel with his most handsome side facing her. He deepened his voice and asked, “Can I invite you to dinner tonight?”

“No. F**king. Way.”


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