The 99th Divorce Chapter 379

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Su Qianci sucked in some cold air and asked incredulously, “So sudden?”

“Not really.” Li Sicheng looked up with softness in his cold eyes. “I have been planning for more than two months and only finished up a couple of days ago. The order that Shengfeng placed with the Tang group was taken over by me.” He patiently explained this to her in his normal deep voice. However, her heart became tender. He had been really busy these days, so he must be exhausted. It took him several minutes to explain the whole thing.

Su Qianci was shocked to hear it. “What? You dared to take over such a huge mess? Shengfeng f**ked Tang Zhenghao up. Can you make sure it doesn’t happen to you?”

“Of course. The surname of the vice president of Shengfeng is Qin.”

She stared at him, her eyes wide. “Mother’s relative?”

“Right, he’s my uncle.”

“No way” She suddenly understood. “You and your uncle worked together to destroy Tang Zhenghao?”

He stopped eating and tapped on her forehead. “In your eyes, I’m that wicked?”

She nodded without hesitation. Narrowing his eyes, he said, “It’s just being smart. Tang Zhenghao did that to himself.”

“You are wicked!”

He was in a great mood. He curled his lips and finished the last bit of his soup. Waving his hand, he said, “Come over here.”

“What?” she asked, walking over. He pulled her into his arms. Her heart racing, Su Qianci glanced at his glistening eyes and knew what he wanted.

Indeed, Li Sicheng put an arm around her waist and said, “Mrs. Li, shall we try the kitchen out?”

Frightened, she immediately struggled. “No! Let’s go back to the bedroom.”

“I heard it’s very stimulating. Shall we give it a try?”

He heard It must be Ou Ming!

Because of what he had heard, they had done it in the living room, the balcony, and everywhere else. Su Qianci was totally against the idea. However, she could not resist him as she was overpowered against the fridge. Finally, she surrendered and panted, wrapping her arm around his neck.

Holding her, Li Sicheng whispered into her ear, “It is supposed to be your ovulation day Let’s make a baby, Mrs. Li.”

“I Oh” Before she could say no, she was completely disarmed.

Li Sicheng had booked the only six-star hotel in Kingstown for grandpa’s birthday. Captain Li had hand-picked all the guests invited, who were all celebrities of the older generation. Around 6 PM, most of the guests had arrived, and it was quite a bustling scene. In the kitchen of the hotel, Su Qianci took the longevity peach which had cost her a lot of effort, out from the oven, wearing thick oven mitts, and decorated the plate under the instructions of the chef.

Li Sicheng’s phone rang. The call was from Laurel who was watching Tang Mengying. He answered and heard they hurried voice. “Mr. Li, Ms. Tang’s water broke. I’m afraid she’s having the baby.”

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