The 99th Divorce Chapter 380 1

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“Mr. Li, Ms. Tang’s water broke. I’m afraid she’s having the baby.”

Li Sicheng’s eyes suddenly became sharp, which made Su Qianci turn her head. Although he still had a poker face, his subtle smile showed that he was in a great mood. “Okay, send hunter to the First Hospital.”

“OK,” Laurel answered.

After hanging up, he whispered to Su Qianci, “Tang Mengying is having the baby.”

She said incredulously, “It’s just a bit more than seven months.”

“She’s creating drama every day. It is only natural that the baby’s premature,” he said as he dialed Cheng You’s number. “Kingstown First Hospital, Tang Mengying’s having a premature birth. Execute the plan.”

Cheng You lit up and responded, “Yes, sir.”

Seeing he had hung up, Su Qianci asked, “Are you going to have a look there?”

“I will see it in just a while.”

“What did you do?”

“You will know in just a bit.”

With a smile, he was about to say something, when he heard people calling him, “Li Sicheng, come and greet our guests. Many people are looking for you. Don’t hide in there–we all know that you are lovebirds.” It was Li Beixing.

She blushed slightly as she felt very sweet.

“I’ll be just a second.”

She smiled and nodded. She turned around to work on the longevity peach. “I will be fashionably late.”

He smiled deeper and rubbed her hair before he left. After finishing up the decorations, Su Qianci asked the chef to keep the longevity peach warm for her. It had gotten chilly, but she did not want grandpa to eat anything cold. After doing everything, she walked out of the kitchen and went to the bathroom. She had been holding it in to make the longevity peach.

When she was washing her hands, a waitress went in and looked surprised to see Su Qianci. “Are you Mrs. Li?”

“That’s right.” She glanced at her while washing.

“Mr. Li was looking for you just now. He thought you must be in the lady’s room, so he asked me to take you to Hall 888.”

Su Qianci smiled and wiped her hands dry. She turned around and said, “All right, thank you.”

“I’ll take you there. It’s a bit far from here.”

“Okay, thank you.”

The hotel was large. In addition to the largest banquet hall, there were a lot of private rooms. The waitress led Su Qianci through a lot of hallways and there were fewer and fewer people around them. She was a bit tired. Checking the room numbers, she mumbled, “Why is it so far?”

The waitress smiled and said, “Mr. Li said he wanted to give you a surprise. You will know when you see it.”

Su Qianci heard that and smiled even more. Very soon, she arrived at Hall 888 with the waitress.

“It’s here. I’ll leave you alone.”

“Thank you.” She thanked the waitress and walked into the hall. However, the room was empty. The table was not ready either. Feeling a bit odd, she called, “Mr. Li?”

No one replied.

She walked further inside and found a trash cart placed at a corner of the room. How did something like that get in a hall of the hotel? Su Qianci had a bad feeling. She wanted to turn around and run away, but her neck was suddenly choked. She struggled hard and wanted to cry out loud. However, before she said anything, something was pressed against her nose. With a strong smell, her vision became blurry, and she lost her consciousness in less than two seconds.


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