The 99th Divorce Chapter 39

He did not call her Ms. Su, but Mrs. Li. Su Qianci was a bit surprised. She had initially thought that Liu Anan would have been bailed out immediately after she was arrested. Su Qianci had no idea that Li Sicheng had already gained such influence in the police at this time in his life.

Smiling, Su Qianci said, "I will send my lawyer. It is libel. You can do whatever you see proper. Thanks so much." She did not express any intention with her words. However, the policeman was not an idiot and immediately understood what she meant. "Okay. Thank you, Mrs. Li."

In less than ten minutes, she got another call. A familiar name, Tang Mengying.

There it goes.

Su Qianci answered the call and leaned back, looking at the view outside the window without speaking first.

"Su Qianci, what are you trying to do here?" Tang Mengying opened with a question.

"I do not understand what you mean."

"What did my cousin ever do to you? You would ruin her life."

Tang Mengying and Liu Anan were not close, but they were on good terms. When Tang Mengying sent someone to bail Liu Anan out, the police told them they could not do that. Tang Mengying was very mad because of that. If no one was telling the policemen what to do, there was no way that they would risk getting on the nerves of the Su family by keeping Liu Anan in custody. Li Sicheng would never bother to do something like this, which was why Tang Mengying had thought of Su Qianci immediately.

Su Qianci chuckled and asked, "Then when you drugged me and my husband, had you had any idea that you would ruin my life?" In Su Qianci's previous lifetime, when Tang Mengying had told everyone that Su Qianci was a prostitute, had she had any idea that it would ruin Su Qianci's life? In Su Qianci's previous lifetime, Tang Mengying had contacted a cult to kidnap Li Sicheng, almost getting him killed. In the end it was Su Qianci who had saved him, but Tang Mengying had made everyone believe that Su Qianci was the kidnapper. At that time, had Tang Mengying had any idea that it would ruin Su Qianci's life?

In Su Qianci's previous lifetime, Tang Mengying had prompted Mrs. Tang to set Su Qianci up in public. Had she had any idea that it would ruin Su Qianci's life? Although in this lifetime, the above had not happened yet, Su Qianci would remember everything forever. Su Qianci would get back what should have been hers. Now, Tang Mengying was trying to blame Su Qianci for everything and make it seem justified. "Come to see me at the caf at XX Street. I have something to ask you." After saying that, Tang Mengying hung up.

Holding her phone, Su Qianci did not pay any attention and kept resting. Su Qianci had put Tang Mengying on speaker, so the chauffeur Yang heard Tang Mengying's voice as well.

Glancing at Su Qianci through the back mirror, Yang asked, "Ma'am, we are past the caf. Do you want me to turn around?"

Su Qianci opened her eyes and smiled, "Did I say I would go?"

Yang paused, not knowing what to say.

She did not. However, isn't it in her character to follow Tang Mengying's lead? Tang Mengying is an old friend of Mr. Li. Is it really smart to ignore her?

Yang wanted to say something, but Su Qianci had already closed her eyes as if she had fallen asleep. She was quiet, and there seemed to be no way he could tell what she was thinking. The lady seemed to be a bit different.

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