The 99th Divorce Chapter 396

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After the wound was dressed and blood was transfused, Sue Qianci was much better. “I want to see him. Could you take me?”

“It’s not convenient.”

“What’s not convenient?” After she asked, she thought of something and pouted. “What are you thinking? He could be my dad. Nothing would happen between him and I.”

Hearing that, Li Sicheng squeezed her nose and said, “You think that I am that petty?”

“Are you not?”

“I heard his wife just arrived here from the capital. He has been in Kingstown for half a month, so they must have a lot to talk about.”

“Oh” She nodded. “All right, take me to see him tomorrow then.”

He nodded and took her coat off. “Sleep a bit more.”

“I’m not tired.” She pushed his hand away. “When did you sleep last time? Look at your dark circles.” She touched his face, feeling worried. “Lie down for a while. I’m not tired.”

“The bed is too small.”

“No, it’s not. I could sit up.”


She wanted to give her bed to him?

“How about you go back and take some rest?”


“Then I can check out and go home with you.”

“No, your fever hasn’t been brought down yet. Your temperature was so high.”

She bristled. “What do you want then?”

Li Sicheng glanced at her and touched her forehead, with smile and love hidden in his eyes. He whispered, “You can go to sleep and I will watch you.”


“How about you take my hands, and I can take a nap on the desk.”


“Then, shall we sleep together?”

“No!” Su Qianci immediately rejected. “I still have a cold or something, and I will pass it to you.”

“I’m strong.”


More importantly, she very likely had gotten AIDS.

What if

“Well then, take a nap. I’ll be here.”

“You” She was pissed off by him and hit him on the arm. “You go back. I don’t want you here.”

Li Sicheng caught her hand and asked huskily, “You don’t want me, so who do you want?”

“You’ve been bad.”

“And so are you. I didn’t even say I don’t want you.”

Su Qianci said nothing.

“Be a good girl and take some rest.”

Silently, she took off her jacket and shoved it at him.

Satisfied that he had gotten his way, he smiled. He hung her coat up and turned around. She had moved over to the side and left half of the bed for him.

“Get up and get some sleep.”

“Yes, Mrs. Li.” He took off his jacket and shoes, turned the light off, and got into the bed. He immediately took her into his arms and bowed his head to catch her lips. Su Qianci’s heart thumped. She immediately moved away. He ended up kissing her chin.

“I’m sick. You cannot kiss me now. It’s probably contagious.”

“I’m a strong man, and I don’t care.”

“I do!” She shifted her position and pushed his face away. “Sleep well!”

“Yes, ma’am.” He put an arm around her waist and closed his eyes. Maybe he really was too tired. He immediately fell asleep and breathed evenly.

Su Qianci raised a hand to cover his face. Because she was burning up, she felt his skin was a bit cold. Sketching the contours of his face with her palm, she gazed at him for a long while


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