The 99th Divorce Chapter 397

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After a while, Su Qianci carefully lifted his arm and got out of bed. Li Sicheng did not wake up, and was still fast asleep. Her heart ached. He must have lost sleep last night because she was missing. However, this would not do. She could not stay around forever

She put on her shoes and jacket, opened the door, and walked out. She was still worried. Rong Haiyue had saved her life after all. Without seeing him okay, she could not relax. She asked a nurse and found out where Rong Haiyue was. Following the room numbers, she suddenly saw a woman coming toward her.

She looked sophisticated and put together. Wearing a long minty green qipao and an emerald coat with fur trimming, she had her hair in an elegant updo. Her makeup was perfect, and so was her posture. A lady that had something unique about her. However, what caught Su Qianci’s attention was not her elegance, but her face. She had seen that face more than once.

Rong Xuan. The love of both Song Yifan and Sheng Ximing’s life.

All Su Qianci could remember about her was the old photo in Song Yifan’s wallet. The girl who was youthful and smiley. She had no idea that one day she would see this girl in person. When seeing Su Qianci, the woman was clearly dumbstruck as well. She immediately knew who Su Qianci was. Looking distant, Rong Xuan nodded to her politely and walked past her in heels. When she brushed past Su Qianci, Su Qianci had so much going on in her head. “Rong Xuan!” It was not a question.

Rong Xuan stopped and looked at her.

Su Qianci thought she would ask: how do you know my name?

Or: do you know me?

Or rather: who are you?

However, unexpectedly, Rong Xuan only glanced at her coldly and said in a cold tone, “Don’t call me that. It’s disgusting.” Then she walked away.

Su Qianci was dazed, gazing at her back incredulously. Rong Xuan turned around the corner and disappeared. She was cold. Unlike Li Sicheng, she was so cold that it felt malicious. The malice was like a sharp knife, cutting away the unrealistic hope she had for her mother. She was her mother. That was clear, judging from their faces. However, why did she feel this way about Su Qianci? After a while, she suddenly realized how dumb she had acted.

She should have asked Rong Xuan why he had left Song Yifan, why she had left alone, why she had abandoned Su Qianci her daughter, why she had made Su Qianci marry Li Sicheng, and why Su Qianci was sent to the Su family

Filled with questions, she regretted how she had forgotten everything after what Rong Xuan had said. She walked up and looked for her in the crowd. However, Rong Xuan had completely disappeared.


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