The 99th Divorce Chapter 40

What Liu Anan had done was not too serious, but serious enough. The video that people had posted online soon became viral. The only way around it was to ask Su Qianci, the victim, to say something. The Su Qianci that Tang Mengying knew was always trying to flatter Tang Mengying, the childhood friend of Li Sicheng. However, after dealing with her the previous day, Tang Mengying felt that Su Qianci had become a bit different. Tang Mengying believed that Su Qianci might not come to the caf.

Indeed, after waiting for twenty minutes in the caf, Tang Mengying still had not seen Su Qianci. She dialed again, but no one picked up the phone. Teng Mengying became mad, but then pulled herself together and checked her contacts.

If you do not fear me, there must be someone you would fear.

Su Qianci went to Li Sicheng's house, asked the servants to prepare another room for her, and moved all her stuff to the guest bedroom opposite the main bedroom. After doing all that, more than an hour had passed. Su Qianci picked up the phone and found out that there were two missed calls. One was from the old house of the Li family. She dialed back, and it was answered by Mrs. Li.


"I heard that you are going to sue Tang Mengying's cousin?"

Su Qianci was dazed. "How did you know?"

"Do not do that." Mrs. Li's voice was very tough. "The Tang family has been friends with us for many years, which I do not allow you to ruin. Stop it right away."

Feeling reluctant, Su Qianci had to obey what her mother-in-law said. "Okay." Hanging up, Su Qianci felt reluctant. She opened a webpage and found that the "Liu Anan drama" had descended in hot topic ranking. The viral videos and posts had mostly been deleted and continued to decrease. There were countless influencers on the Internet.

It seemed that Tang Mengying had already made a move. She first told Mrs. Li about it, and then managed the situation online. Using both methods, Tang was trying to keep Liu safe. Of course, Su Qianci could not make Liu Anan go to jail for this. However, she must collect some debts. Su Qianci clicked on a chatting tool that she had not used in a while, entered a group chat of her high school friends, and found a name quickly.

Lu Yihan.

Her classmate in junior high school and high school, a male friend who thought of computers as his girlfriends. Since she was reached by the Su family, they had never contacted each other. Su Qianci remembered that in her previous lifetime, Lu Yihan soon gained momentum in the following years and became the leader of IT industry in Kingstown. However, she had become a resented wife and fallen behind him.

If she remembered correctly, this moment was the most difficult time in his career. It was their junior year in college. When everyone was getting an internship, Lu Yihan had already started his own business with a couple of friends. It was the time that they needed money the most. And Su Qianci had nothing but money. Su Qianci started a chat with him and typed directly, "A hundred thousand. Dig up all the secrets of someone for me."

As someone who had almost married his computer, Lu Yihan answered immediately, "You have the money?"

Su Qianci typed, "Your account?"

Lu Yihan sent over a screenshot of his account formation.

What would you do if a friend who had not called for a long time suddenly offered you a hundred thousand?

Lu Yihan pushed up the frameless glasses he was wearing, sent his account information over, and went to get a glass of water.


Receiving a text, Lu Yihan went back to the computer and drank his water while unlocking his phone. Suddenly, a mouth full of water was sprayed on the screen.

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