The 99th Divorce Chapter 400

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Fortunately, he did not jump. Fortunately, she was fine. Leaning against him, Su Qianci asked, “You could marry again.”

“If I die, will you marry again?”

She was dazed. Will she? No.

If he really died before she did, she would probably die with him. Her heart trembled. She tightened her arm around him. She had loved him for two lifetimes. However, he had never said he loved her. But in the end, did he feel the same way about her? Did he finally love her back?

Holding him, she teared up and snuffed. She said deliberately, “Of course. Why would I stay around after you die? It is disgusting to be around a dead body.” When she said that, she felt like her heart was stung by a million bees. So, when she died, he could remarry.

Don’t linger It is not worth it

However, he clutched her tighter as if he wanted to merge himself with her. “I don’t believe you. You will not do that.”

“I will.”

“You will not.” Although Li Sicheng’s voice was small, he stated that as a fact.

Su Qianci became silent. Pinching his collar, she stared into his chest although she could see nothing in the dark. After a long while, she said in a low voice, “Nothing’s more important than oneself.”

“You are,” he said above her head. “You are more important than myself.” His voice sounded heavenly in the quiet room.

She lowered her head and cried silently. For the entire night, she could not calm down.

Su Qianci spent the next three days in the hospital. After making sure she did not get flu, the doctor checked her out. Before leaving the hospital, she went to Rong Haiyue’s room to say goodbye. He was about to check out as well. He was wearing something casual and holding his luggage. She did not see his wife.

When Su Qianci asked about her, Rong Haiyue’s eyes dimmed. “She’s busy, so she’s already back in the capital.”

Su Qianci scoffed inwardly. Li Sicheng was also busy as hell, but he still spent the past two days with her in the hospital. She did not say anything, though, and checked out together with Rong Haiyue. Li Sicheng proposed to drive him to the airport, and he agreed.

When walking out of the hospital, Su Qianci looked for Li Sicheng’s Maybach. However, the car was nowhere to be seen. On the other hand, there was a supercar parked in front of the hospital that appeared to be waiting for someone. “Yang is not here yet?” She turned around and looked at Li Sicheng.

He pointed at the Bugatti. “Yes, he is.”

She stared incredulously at him. “You got a different car? Didn’t you hate sports cars? Why this one?”

“Just going with another vibe.”

Yang got out of the car to open the doors for them. Hearing Li Sicheng’s words, he pouted inwardly. Li Sicheng just would not say it! The fact was that he had crashed the Maybach, and he thought the car was too slow. Now he not only had a sports car, but also a supercar. He even added two seats. Yang could not understand the thoughts of the rich. However, he said nothing.


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