The 99th Divorce Chapter 401

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Because they were taking Rong Haiyue to the airport, Su Qianci was sitting in the copilot seat. The ride in the new car was fast and smooth. Just sitting there, she felt her blood boiling. Neither of the two guys in the back seat were very talkative. Both of them were looking out of the window, so it felt a bit awkward. When they got on the highway to the airport, she couldn’t help asking, “Mr. Rong Haiyue, do you have any children with your wife?”

“Yes, we have a daughter about the same age as you. Her name is Rong Annna.”

“Rong Annna?” Su Qianci was a bit surprised. “Rong Annna?”

“You know her?”

“Is she Bo Xiao’s fiance?”

“Yes.” Rong Haiyue was surprised. “Do you know them?”

“Yes, we met once at a music event. She’s very pretty.”

“Thank you. If she hears this, she will be so thrilled.”

Su Qianci smiled and looked out of the window.

Li Sicheng glanced at him and said quietly, “You love your daughter dearly.”

“Yes, she is my only child.”

Li Sicheng did not say anything, and just looked at Su Qianci. No one noticed his odd behavior. Rong Haiyue was sending his daughter messages over WeChat with a bright smile.

Very soon, they arrived at the airport. Su Qianci wanted to see Rong Haiyue off, but he declined. She then went back to the car.

“Come to the back.” Li Sicheng waved at her. She obeyed and leaned on his shoulder. He noticed that she was not in a good mood. For the past couple of days, she had always been upset. Feeling her forehead, he asked in a low voice, “Are you feeling uncomfortable?” She didn’t have a fever, so he relaxed.

She pushed his hand away and shook her head. “No.” Resting her head against his shoulder, she became silent. Her chest indeed felt rather tight these days.

“Let’s go to Kingstown First Hospital,” Li Sicheng said to Yang, and then looked at Su Qianci. “I’ll take you to see Tang Mengying’s baby. You haven’t seen him yet, right?”

Su Qianci was dumbstruck. Looking up, she asked, “Right, didn’t she have a premature birth? How is she now?”

Li Sicheng chuckled and tapped on her forehead. “I thought you were in a bad mood because of this. It turns out you have forgotten.” He took his cell phone out, opened Weibo, and gave it to her. “Look at it yourself.”

She looked at the screen. “Why do you have a new phone again? Didn’t you just purchase the last one a while ago?”

“It’s broken.”

“Oh, okay.” She did not pay too much attention as she refreshed the page. The hottest topic was the bankruptcy of the Tang Group. Mrs. Tang went to jail for attempted murder, and Tang Zhenghao embezzled the company’s money and went away.

The second hottest topic was about Tang Mengying:

“Breaking news! Australian sex tape of Ms. Tang revealed!”

“Dammit, whose baby is hers?”

“DNA test shows no biological relationship between Ms. Tang baby and the Li family!”

“Coincidence? Her baby is mixed.”

Su Qianci tapped on one of them.

There was a photo showing a baby lying in a glass box. His skin was very fair. A strand of blond hair was sticking to his scalp. He was staring into the distance with a pair of blue eyes


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