The 99th Divorce Chapter 409

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Su Qianci was undressed quickly. She blushed out of shame and continued to reject him. “No, no!”

“Why?” Li Sicheng stopped, gazing at her.

“I” She stuttered, her heart in her throat. As she was about to say something, she couldn’t help sobbing again.

He had no idea what was happening. He gave up asking her and leaned against her. She was only wearing a T-shirt and lingerie now. He reached his hand inside and unbuckled her bra.

She shrank back, trying to get rid of his hand. However, he was persistent. Parting her legs with his thigh, he pushed his knee between her legs and whispered, “You’re making me aroused even more.”

She stopped moving. He curled his lips and kissed her neck devoutly. His kisses were like feathers, tickling her slightly. Her tears fell again. She sobbed, “Mr. Li, mmm”

Her soft voice tempted the monster in his heart. With a thrust, he ground his member against her opening through the fabric. Noticing what he was trying to do, Su Qianci moved back in panic and panted, “Let’s get a divorce.”

Li Sicheng suddenly narrowed his eyes, looking dangerous. He lowered his head and nudged his nose tip against hers, gazing into her eyes. “What is it about this time?” He was seriously mad. He looked at her as if she were a bad child. “If you say that too often, it will no longer be funny, Mrs. Li.”

She cried heavily. She put a hand on his chest and said, “I”

However, he was unwilling to hear her out. He sealed her lips and unzipped her pants, pulling it down. She struggled even harder, but he was being so rough that she could not fight back.

Su Qianci burst into tears and shouted, “Mr. Li, I was raped. Do you know that?”

Li Sicheng paused. His eyes were suddenly like those of a fierce monster, full of danger. “What did you say?”

She cried in despair. Under his body, she felt so sullen that she could not speak. He let go of her and helped her up. He wiped her face dry and asked in a low and dangerous voice, “Who is it? Was it during my business trip?”

She sobbed, unable to articulate herself.

“Lu Yihan?” Li Sicheng voiced his guess, as his heart was getting cold.

Hearing the name, Su Qianci immediately stopped sobbing. Pulling his sleeve, she shook her head as fast as she could. “No, no”

“Who is it then?”

Except for Lu Yihan, he could not think of anyone else with the motive and nerve.

Su Qianci snuffed. Li Sicheng curbed his impatience and gave her some tissues for her tears.

“On grandpa’s birthday, I was abducted by Tang Mengying’s mother. And then a guy with AIDS took some Viagra to I” Su Qianci could not say it anymore. She cried loudly, “That guy has AIDS. I went to see a doctor today, and he said that I have been infected for sure and asked me to come home and prepare for my funeral. I”

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