The 99th Divorce Chapter 41

"Kingstown Bank: you have received a transfer of 100,000 dollars on July 10, 2016. Your balance is now 100,001.34"

Lu Yihan paused and then started to wipe the screen like crazy.

Su Qianci typed, "Did you receive it?"

Lu Yihan replied, "Yes! You got rich? Aren't you still in school? Where did you get all this money? I heard you're married to Li Sicheng. Is that true? Is it you in that video? Whose dark secrets are you trying to dig up? I will find out about that person's ancestors for you!"

Seeing Lu Yihan's reply, Su Qianci couldn't help chuckling. This guy had not changed at all! Her long fingers danced away on the keyboard as she typed, "Liu Anan."

Seeing that name, Lu Yihan had an unsure look on his face. Shaking his head, he sent an emoji of 'okay'. "Since I took your money, I will do it well. Rest assured that the mission will be accomplished."

"Thank you."

"I have someone who could manipulate Weibo. Should I push the story after I get the content?"

"Even better."

"This girl" Lu Yihan chuckled and started to work.

After closing the chatting window, Su Qianci saw another message popping out in the group chat. Lin Wanting typed, "Su Qianci is online?" Seeing that name, Su Qianci felt a chill in her heart. It was her, Lin Wanting. Someone she thought to be her friend. However, Lin Wanting ended up setting Su Qianci up with Liu Anan and Tang Mengying, which had turned out to be the main reason for her miserable previous life.

Hesitating for a moment, Su Qianci still clicked on the window and replied, "yes."

Lin Wanting said, "Long time no see!"

Another friend typed, "Well! Isn't that Mrs. Li?"

Even through the screen, Su Qianci could feel the jealousy in the sentence.

A third person said, "Mrs. Li? What does that mean?"

"She was married to the richest guy in Kingstown, don't you know that? Did you see that video yesterday? Liu Anan was sent to the police station by her!"

"Really? We are all schoolmates after all. Why would Su Qianci do that?"

Lin Wanting said, "Don't blame Su Qianci. I have seen the video. Liu Anan was over the line"

"Lin Wanting, aren't you good friends with Liu Anan. Why are you defending Su Qianci? You just want to kiss her ass because she has become Mrs. Li, right?"

What chaos!

Even in high school, these people had not liked Su Qianci, and they had become even more mean at this point. Su Qianci decided not to pay them any attention, closed the window, and started to type out a document. After more than an hour, she had finished. Thirty clearly stated clauses. Su Qianci stretched her arms, looked at the clauses again and became a bit sad. Even if she did not do this, Li Sicheng would use these clauses against her.

The contract Li Sicheng had drafted in her previous life had been effective for five years, while the one she was drafting now would be effective for one year. Now everything was ready, all she needed was a stamp from a lawyer. The title of the document was very simple: Divorce Contract!

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