The 99th Divorce Chapter 410

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Half angered and half amused, Li Sicheng gazed at her and asked in a deep voice, “A doctor from which hospital?”

Su Qianci choked before she quieted down.

“You must have gone to a mental hospital.” Li Sicheng gritted his teeth and poked her in the head. “How can you be so stupid? What are you thinking? Did someone pour water in there while you were a kid?”

She felt sullen and cried even harder. She slapped him on the shoulder and yelled, “You’re stupid! You have water in your head!”

Utterly amused, he caught her hand and pinned her down again. Despite her face being covered in snot and tears, he kissed her violently.

The sudden kiss made her struggle harder. She hit his back in anger, “Wwwww.” She said she had AIDS. Why was he still kissing her? Why was he still doing this? Didn’t he know that it was infectious? She felt angry and sad at the same time. With the excruciating feeling, she could not stop her tears. She did not want to die yet! And what she wanted even less was for him to be infected by her and die with her.

However, her struggle was to no avail. He robbed her of air and then his mouth moved down to bite on her collarbone.

Su Qianci cried, “Li Sicheng, you pervert. Don’t touch me. Don’t bite me.”

“You are the little pervert. And a foolish one.”

Li Sicheng bit even harder on her collarbone, making her yelp, “Ouch!”

“Does it hurt now?” He did not have the heart to hurt her and kissed her on her lips. Holding her face, he made her look at him. “How did someone as smart as I fall for a little fool like you?”

Feeling insulted, Su Qianci stared at him.

Is he calling her foolish?

“Don’t think so?” Upset and amused, he gritted his teeth and said, “Then use your brain in the future. Do you think you were raped by that guy with AIDS?”

Su Qianci pursed her lips, almost out of breath for sobbing.

“That guy was indeed drugged. However, when I went over, the drug had not kicked in yet. He only became fanatic after I beat that old woman up.”

She stared at him incredulously. She blurted out, “You hit a woman!”

Li Sicheng said nothing for a moment. He gave her a sullen glance and said matter-of-factly, “Under that circumstance, I was nice not to kill her.”

“And then?”

“Then the drug kicked in and I gave that old woman to the guy called monkey.”

Su Qianci stared her eyes even wider. She wanted to say something but choked. Li Sicheng originally wanted to teach her a lesson, but seeing her covered in tears, he did not have the heart to do it after all. In a fret, he got up and wiped her tears away with tissues. Depressed, he asked, “Do you know how a pig dies?”

She bristled and gave him a hard push.

He leaned in again and whispered, “Are you mad?”

She looked away, searching her memory.

He laughed. “You don’t know whether someone has violated you?”

Choking, she felt sullen and avoided eye contact with him.


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