The 99th Divorce Chapter 413

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Hearing that, Su Qianci’s joy immediately disappeared. She threw a punch at him. Li Sicheng’s cold eyes became gentle as he grabbed her fist. After her attack failed, she kicked at him. This time, he did not dodge. With a smile, his face was lit up. He reached out to take her into his arms and took the tests in her hand.

The red lines pleased him greatly. His smile deepened.

Furious, she hit his chest. “How ignorant!”

He embraced her from behind and looked down at her, whispering, “Right, I had no idea that this was a pregnancy test.”

Hearing that, her bad mood went away. She squeezed his face and bristled, “You fooled me!”

He laughed. Holding her hands, he said, “You’re the one who tried to prank me first, Mrs. Li.”

Seeing the rare smile on his face, she chuckled. “Did you know it from the start?”

“I saw the nurse getting the pregnancy test.”

That was why!

She felt a bit disappointed and gave him a light push. “Can’t you pretend to be surprised by me?”

“Why do I need to pretend?” His eyes glittered, as if they could suck her in. He couldn’t help feeling her belly.

Su Qianci laughed happily and removed his hand. “Now I must see the doctor.”

“Right.” Li Sicheng watched her going into the room and his calm eventually cracked. Hitting his thigh, he felt he was about to lose his mind. She was pregnant, she was! He was going to be a father! The sudden surprise made his heart race. He almost wanted to shout out. Under people’s gaze, Li Sicheng took out his cell phone and went to the stairwell. He immediately dialed his best friend’s number.

It was past 10 PM. Ou Ming sneaked into the bathroom with a box of newly purchased condoms and some new needles he asked his staff to get from the hospital. He was ready to poke a few holes.

A sudden noise made him jump. Noticing it was his phone, Ou Ming was relaxed. He always felt so nervous when he was trying to do something bad. After wiping off the lubricant that had leaked from the condom package, he took out his cell phone from the pocket. Seeing it was Li Sicheng, he felt a bit bored. Everything was going so well for this guy recently. He did not want to listen to his voice.

Hang up!

Ou Ming looked down and continued to poke. However, Li Sicheng called relentlessly. Despite his impatience, Ou Ming picked up. “Hello?”

“Ha ha ha ha ha Ou Ming!”

Ou Ming shuddered. Checking the caller, he doubted whether it was Li Sicheng for real?

“What’s wrong with you?” He bristled and put the damaged condom back into the box. “You scream like you are going to give birth.”

Hearing that, Li Sicheng couldn’t help laughing again.Ou Ming immediately hung up. Whenever this guy laughed, it was either something wonderful or something horrible. Judging from his brainless laugh, it ought to be something good. And Ou Ming was not interested in hearing it!

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