The 99th Divorce Chapter 414

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If it were something terrible, Ou Ming would be very interested. The third time the phone rang, he chose not to pick up. After getting rid of the evidence, he slowly put the condoms into his pocket. Seeing that Yu Lili was still asleep, he put them where they should be.

Sneaky, sneaky

With the familiar ringtone, Yu Lili woke up. Ou Ming almost wanted to kill Li Sicheng at this point. Seeing her surprised look, he slammed the drawer shut and stood up, saying in an effortless tone, “Just restocking.”

Yu Lili rolled her eyes. “You don’t want to do it again, do you? This much sex could kill you.”

Hearing that, he threw himself at her and laughed. “Do you have the heart to kill me?”

“F**k off!” Yu Lili kicked him away mercilessly. “Pick up the phone. The noise is killing me.”

Ou Ming walked away and let out a sigh of relief. It seemed that she did not suspect a thing. So scary! He picked the phone up and said impatiently, “Don’t lose your mind in the middle of the night. It is no good for the harmony of the society.”

“My wife’s pregnant!”

Ou Ming said nothing. Critical hit.

“My wife’s pregnant! My wife’s pregnant! My wife’s pregnant!”

Ou Ming remained silent.

“Did you hear me? My wife’s pregnant!”

“Oh hehe dumbass!” Ou Ming simply hung up.

Seeing Ou Ming sneering, Yu Lili asked curiously, “What did Li Sicheng call for?”

“He said his wife’s pregnant.”

Yu Lili asked, “Isn’t it good news? Why did you scold him?”

“I don’t have a wife.”

She did not respond.

“I don’t even have anyone to impregnate.”

Yu Lili still said nothing. Ou Ming threw himself at her and kissed her fanatically. She struggled and shouted, “Hey, Ou Ming. We said twice! If you keep doing this, I will quit.”

Ou Ming stopped and cuddled her instead. “All right, I will let you sleep.”

“Don’t touch me! Hey, now you’re kissing me! Go away, go away! Ou Ming!”

Su Qianci had nothing for dinner and her stomach was rumbling after the trip to the hospital. She suddenly craved seafood congee, so Li Sicheng drove around for a long while before they found a place. It was in business for night snack, so she ordered barbecue, congee, and small dishes. With a secret smile, he looked through his contacts and called everyone he could think of. He had bragged about it to every friend of his, domestic or abroad. When he called the old house, Li Sicheng grinned like a fool.

Seeing his smile, Su Qianci couldn’t help smiling as well. Qin Shuhua was pleasantly surprised. She asked to speak to Su Qianci and told her a lot of do’s and don’ts. Grandpa, on the other hand, warned him seriously, “Young man, holding back is cruel but crucial!” Grandpa was on speaker, so Su Qianci heard that as well. She blushed.

Li Sicheng checked the contacts and then the time. “Luo Zhan lives nearby. I will ask him to join us.” Then, he called Luo Zhan. Su Qianci was then reminded of the fact that Lu Yihan also lived nearby.

As a geek, Luo Zhan was doing something a geek was supposed to do at this hour. Hearing the phone ringing, his hand shook Dammit!

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