The 99th Divorce Chapter 416

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No way! Luo Zhan was very likely gay. Was Lu Yihan turned as well?

“Slow down.” Li Sicheng poured Su Qianci a cup of tea.

Hearing that, Lu Yihan walked it with his face darkened.

“Why aren’t you wearing glasses?” Su Qianci pushed a chair to Lu Yihan for him to sit down.

His look softened as he sat down next to her and said, “I’m using contact lens.”

“You should do that more often. You look pretty good without the glasses.”

Lu Yihan smiled and said, “Will do.” It had been a long time since he last saw her. She did not look that good. Moving his lips, he said in an odd tone, “You lost weight.”

Hearing Lu Yihan’s caring tone, Li Sicheng felt terrible. Quickly peeling the shrimp and dipping it into the sauce, he fed it to Su Qianci, “Darling, open your mouth.”

She took a bite, and he stuffed the rest into his own mouth. He then glanced at Lu Yihan half mindedly. Lu Yihan’s fame dimmed.

“Oh my god, terrible!” Luo Zhan covered his eyes. “It’s not cool for the two of you to show off like this.”

The waitress poured them tea with a smile. Luo Zhan immediately drank it up and said, “you only call me when you need something. Two had invited me for a night snack, you must need me to do something.”

Look, he knew Li Sicheng well! Maybe this was a chance to make some fortune.

Li Sicheng took a sip of the tea and said slowly, “Nothing. I just want to tell you that Mrs. Li is pregnant, and I am going to be a father.”

Luo Zhan stared at him. Li Sicheng tightened his grip on the teacup and glanced at Su Qianci, his eyes darkening. Noticing his glance, she smiled and nodded. “Lu Yihan, I’m pregnant.”

Lu Yihan’s heart shuddered. He forced a smile and said in a cheerful tone, “Wonderful. Do I get to be the Godfather or something?”

“Yes!” She held her belly as her pale face glowed in happiness. “Definitely.”

Li Sicheng’s eyes became even more dim. He took a sip from his teacup. He clearly noticed that Lu Yihan’s smile was a bit stiff.

“Here, I’ll introduce you guys.” She looked at Lu Yihan. “Luo Zhan, this is my good friend, Lu Yihan.”

“We’ve met.” Luo Zhan pouted. “He knows Ou Ming’s woman as well.”

“Of course. We are all classmates and often hang out together.” She looked at Lu Yihan. “Right? Yihan?”

“Yes, we are very close.” When he said that, Lu Yihan glanced at Li Sicheng and smiled. Li Sicheng clearly noticed the provocation and arched an eyebrow.

Noticing the awkwardness. Luo Zhan quickly said, “We should definitely drink on such a happy occasion.” Before anyone responded, he called out, “Waitress, two dozen beers.”

“Two dozen?” She was startled. “Mr. Li has stomach issues and should not drink beer. It’s too cold.”

“Stop showing off!” Luo Zhan looked jealous. “A little beer will not kill him.”


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