The 99th Divorce Chapter 419

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The two guys walked upstairs with arms on each other’s shoulders. Luo Zhan began to search his pocket. Leaning against the cold wall, Lu Yihan was waiting for him to open the door with a headache. After a long while, Luo Zhan still failed to find his keys. Standing still, he looked a bit panicked.

Lu Yihan became impatient and waved his hand. “Can you do it or not? Pull it out.”

Luo Zhan burped and searched all his pockets. “So weird. Where’s my key?”

Lu Yihan pulled him close and tried to search his pocket.


With the arrival sound of the elevator, a girl walked over with a backpack. She turned her key and opened the door. Neither Lu Yihan nor Luo Zhan paid any attention. After Lu Yihan searched his jacket pockets, he reached down and felt something hard. However, Luo Zhan’s pants were too tight that Lu Yihan got his hands stuck.

“Hey, relax. I can’t pull it out.”

Hearing that, the girl glanced over. From her angle, she could see one guy on top of the other.

Luo Zhan exclaimed, “You pull it out. I have relaxed.”

“It’s going to break. Put your foot down.”

The girl’s eyes lit up. She quickly walked inside, peeping through the door. Eventually, Lu Yihan took his hands out with keys dangling on his finger. The girl blushed. “Ha, so they were talking about the keys. I thought it was something else”

Then, Lu Yihan turned the key to open the door. As soon as the door was open, he was greeted with the typical smell of a single guy apartment. T-shirts, socks, and scarves were curled up in balls on the sofa. As he walked further, he saw a long desk with three modified computers. The trashcan was filled with take-out boxes.

Looking up, he saw a whole range of instant noodles, Kang Shifu, Tong Yi, and several brands that Lu Yihan had never even seen before. In addition, there were instant noodle companions such as ham meal sausages and kimchee

Lu Yihan complained, “Your place looks like a dog den.” No, even a dog den was cleaner than this.

Luo Zhan burped and went to the bathroom.

Lu Yihan took off his jacket and put it on the sofa. He put his hand randomly down and caught a stinky sock. What the

Lu Yihan was about to go mad. Seeing this mess made his head hurt even worse. After he sorted out the dirty laundry on the sofa, he heard Luo Zhan walking out, yelling, “Showdown, showdown, showdown!”

“Let’s do it.” Lu Yihan despised him. “Dog den!”

Luo Zhan agreed with the insult and took it fairly well. He turned on the computer and all three screens lit up. Then, Luo Zhan found a laptop and threw it to Lu Yihan. “You can use this one.”

As Lu Yihan’s fingers danced on the keyboard, he felt more and more dizzy as his headache worsened. After Luo Zhan turned his computer on, he couldn’t help throwing up.

“So dirty” Lu Yihan complained. However, smelling the vomit, he threw up as well. Neither of them could stop. Lu Yihan threw up on himself, so he took his shirt off.

Disgusted, Luo Zhan stumbled over and wiped his mouth with his sleeve. “Let’s go. I will take you somewhere clean.” Then he took off his shirt and pulled Lu Yihan into the bedroom before he threw himself on his bed.

The bedroom was indeed much cleaner. Lu Yihan collapsed on the bed as well. The two of them crisscrossed on the bed and fell asleep immediately.

At midnight, Lu Yihan was shuddering in the cold. Putting his arm over something hot like a furnace, he fell asleep again.


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