The 99th Divorce Chapter 44

Feeling the freezing gaze, Su Qianci looked up and felt how cold his look was. Her heart trembling, she saw him looking down. Following the direction of his eyesight, Su Qianci saw her teal dress. Since she had put one leg on the back of the sofa and the other on the arm of the sofa, he could see her smooth thighs as well as part of her panties

She immediately blushed and sat straight.

"I would never do that." Lu Yihan did not detect Su Qianci's odd behavior, opened his fridge and took out a bottle of Coke. "How about Saturday night? I will treat you to a nice dinner."

Stared at by Li Sicheng's invasive eyes, Su Qianci suddenly felt her scalp prickling. She replied absentmindedly to Lu Yihan's question and then quickly hung up. Her heart was beating so fast. For some reason, Su Qianci felt a bit guilty, as if she got caught cheating on her husband.

"Are you done?" Li Sicheng narrowed his eyes, his voice low. The same tone as always, not much different from before.

However, Su Qianci felt even more guilty and quickly changed the subject. "So you're back already. I thought you would work late."

Li Sicheng raised an eyebrow, stood up straight, and put one hand in his pocket, asking, "You hoped that I would work late?"

Su Qianci paused, not knowing what to say. In her previous lifetime, Li Sicheng had always worked late. And sometimes, he would have been away from home for three days. Every time she called to ask when he would come home, he would have always answered that he was busy. However, how come he was no longer busy in this lifetime? Su Qianci became quiet and whispered, "No"

It was suddenly extremely awkward.

The servant Nanny Rong quickly said, "Sir, Madam, dinner is ready."

"Okay!" Su Qianci looked at Nanny Rong gratefully and sat down at the dinner table. Li Sicheng walked slowly down from upstairs. Hearing his footsteps, Su Qianci felt pressured by his presence, because she was feeling quite guilty. However, why would she have such a feeling? She did not do anything at all. Thinking of that, Su Qianci felt much better. She slowly started to eat. Her movements were so elegant that it was great to watch. It was so different from two days ago. However, she acted so natural that it was easy to tell that she did not try to pretend anything.

In just a few days, how could she have such a huge change? Maybe she was pretending to be a different person two days ago? What good would that do for her though?

Li Sicheng felt that it was more and more difficult for him to read this woman. He elegantly reached for a shrimp with his chopsticks. And at that exact moment, Su Qianci's chopsticks clashed with his.

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