The 99th Divorce Chapter 49

It was a torture for both of them treating her wound. However, neither of them said anything to end it. The atmosphere slowly changed. Five minutes later, after the ointment was applied, Li Sicheng felt a bit uneasy as well. Licking his lips, Li Sicheng's gaze slid down her stomach. The baby blue panties and what was underneath

Shutting his eyes, Li Sicheng forced himself to look away, starting to collect the kit. He acted faster than a while go.

Su Qianci felt he had stopped, quickly pulled down her dress, got up with her face red, and said, "Thank you. I I will go to bed."


Su Qianci paused, not daring to look back. She stood there, clenched her legs, and stuttered nervously, "What?"

Is heso horny that he wants to?

They were lawfully married. If he was asking for it, how could she say no?


But he probably had seen everything already to know that was not true.

"Do not get your skin wet."

Su Qianci became even more embarrassed. "All right!" she answered and quickly ran to the second floor. Shutting the door, Su Qianci hid behind the door and found her face burning as if she had a fever. Throwing herself onto the bed, Su Qianci cried with embarrassment. Awkward, so awkward! She had already decided not to love him!

Hiding herself under the blanket, Su Qianci felt her heart racing out of control. "Su Qianci, you have agreed to be tough! Principles, there are principles! Do not feel anything for him, do you hear me?"

However, how was that possible

Seeing her running away, Li Sicheng felt his throat was tightened. His body was so tense, and he was so thirsty Entering the kitchen, Li Sicheng poured herself a glass of ice water. Glancing at the kitchenware that had just been used, he couldn't help thinking of what she had said about not letting him starve. He could still see her frightened eyes and pink face Swallowing the water, Li Sicheng eyes became even darker.

The next morning, Li Sicheng was gone when she woke up.

Su Qianci changed and then saw more than ten unanswered calls. Eight of them were from Tang Mengying, and the others were from two strange numbers. Su Qianci ignored all of them and opened Weibo. "Liu Anan drama" had become the hottest topic on the Internet overnight. Su Qianci smiled, picturing what a chaos it must be in the Tang family and the Liu family.

Her phone suddenly rang. It was Mrs. Li.


"Where are you?" Mrs. Li sounded a bit angry. Clearly, she had learned something.

"At Li Sicheng's place. What is wrong?"

"I heard that you were spreading rumors about Liu Anan online?"

Su Qianci sneered secretly. She knew that Tang Mengying would try to pull something. However, she acted innocent and asked, "Rumors about Liu Anan? What is going on?"

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