The 99th Divorce Chapter 5

Although Tang Mengying's voice was not loud, Su Qianci felt all kinds of emotions.

In her previous lifetime, Tang Mengying had simply broken in during Li Sicheng's shower. Then, Tang Mengying had loudly announced that Su Qianci had drugged and raped her newly wedded husband.

Li Sicheng, who had been suspicious in the beginning, had hated Su Qianci even more.

"Do you need something?" Li Sicheng repeated his question.

Tang Mengying was smiling reluctantly. She pretended to move her arm back, seeming to hide something. She shook her head and said, "Nothing."

Li Sicheng quickly looked to her hand behind her back but said nothing.

Seeing that he did not want to ask, Tang Mengying was a bit anxious. She simply threw the thing in her hand on the floor, which then broke.

Tang Mengying screamed, as if she was startled, "What should I do?"

Glancing at what was on the floor, Li Sicheng immediately saw the words on the broken bottle.

It was the most popular love potion at the time. Although Li Sicheng was no expert, he had heard of it.

And Tang Mengying was carrying this with her?

As if she was afraid that Li Sicheng might get the wrong idea, Tang Mengying quickly waved her hands.

"Brother Sicheng, please don't get the wrong idea. This is not mine. I'm just keeping it for Qianci"

"Keeping what for me?" Su Qianci walked up from behind and opened the door wider.

From the angle Tang Mengying was standing at, she could see the blood stain on the wedding bed and the messy bed linens.

The flame of jealousy suddenly rose.

Tang Mengying smiled reluctantly and said, "It's justwhat you left on the table yesterday. I'm afraid that auntie might see it, so I just took it away for you."

The eyes of Li Sicheng fell on Su Qianci's face like a lightning bolt.

However, he did not see any proof on her face. Her black eyes were bright and clear like a spring, without any impurity. Hearing Tang Mengying's words, she seemed to be doubtful. Squatting down, she picked the pieces up.

"What is this? What is it for?"

Although she said that, Su Qianci had already recognized what it was.

She cast her eyes down and remained calm. Curiously, she looked up at Tang Mengying innocently.

Tang Mengying was slightly surprised but reacted quickly and said, "Of course I have no idea. How would I know what this kind of thing is for?"

"This kind of thing?" Su Qianci was even more suspicious and quickly asked, "What is this kind of thing then?"

"I" Tang Mengying gritted her teeth and felt very surprised.

How come this foolish girl reacted so quickly today? Something seemed to be different.

However, what was it?

She looked down and saw Su Qianci's face was slightly blushing. Her tender skin looked extremely fresh. At twenty years of age, she was like a fruit.

From her angle, Tang Mengying could see the blue marks under Su Qianci's collar

Tang Mengying gritted her teeth and felt extremely jealous.

It was this bottle of love potion that helped Su Qianci climb into Li Sicheng's bed!

However, her goal was not to help Su Qianci get into his bed, but to make Li Sicheng resent Su Qianci!

"Not yours? But I saw yesterday that you poured this into the drink you gave to Brother Sicheng. Was I mistaken?"

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