The 99th Divorce Chapter 50

"Many secrets about Liu Anan were dug out by hackers and spread online. Her reputation has been completely ruined. Are you behind it?"

Of course, Su Qianci had already known that. Hearing Mrs. Li's words, she acted innocent and said, "Mother, if I am capable of that, why would I have been bullied in the shopping mall in the first place?"

The video of Liu Anan making a scene at the shopping mall had gone viral. Since Mrs. Li was always well informed, she should have seen it already.

Indeed, Mrs. Li paused and then said, "It would be great if it's not you. Although her family name is not Tang, Liu Anan has the Tang family behind her. It would be wise not to cross her."

"I know that. Although I was not happy about that incident, I know what to do. Given how annoying Liu Anan is, she must have offended a lot of people other than myself."

"All right, no matter what happens, the Li family could not get involved. You are a family member now, so you cannot act recklessly."

"Got it."

"Okay then. Ask Li Sicheng to come home as often as possible."

"Will do."

Su Qianci hung up and immediately got another call. Strange number. It seemed that she was quite busy.

"Su Qianci?" A gentle voice came through, which sounded like it was from a mild lady. However, that was just the appearance.

"Yes, who is this?" Su Qianci acted as if she did not know her.

"This is Lin Wanting, your best friend in high school. Don't you remember me?"

"Oh!" Su Qianci said, "It's you. Do you need something?"

Hearing Su Qianci's cold tone, Lin Wanting paused, not expecting that from Su Qianci. Previously, Su Qianci was desperate for friends. No matter who you were, as long as you made Su Qianci think you were her friend, then she would treat you like a god. In just two years, how could she have changed so much? Maybe it was because of her marriage.

Lin Wanting squeezed her phone tighter, making herself sound even sweeter and said, "I heard from Fu Lengbing that you would come to the high school reunion as well. I do not know what to wear and I have not seen you in so long. Let's go shopping together, shall we?"

In her previous lifetime, Su Qianci had been blinded by Lin Wanting's friendly appearance and gone shopping with her without any doubt. Su Qianci had gifted her a cocktail dress from a luxury brand while Lin picked a matronly gown for Su. At the night, Lin Wanting looked like Snow White, while Su Qianci was like the evil queen next to her, thanks to the gown. Lin Wanting told everyone that her gorgeous dress was given to her by Su Qianci and cost more than a hundred thousand. Working with Liu Anan, Lin Wanting had made everyone believe that Su Qianci was a rich man's mistress, which was how Su Qianci had gotten rich. After all, no one would expect Su Qianci to be able to marry the most eligible bachelor in Kingstown.

There was no way Su Qianci could clear her name. In addition, she had been short-tempered at the time. Under these circumstances, she completely lost it and smashed everything, giving people all the more reason to point fingers at her. Su Qianci had had no idea that everything was planned by Tang Mengying and Liu Anan. Li Sicheng had observed all that, while he did not even say a thing.

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