The 99th Divorce Chapter 51

Did Su Qianci regret that? Of course she did. This time around, she would not let these people get their way.

"Su Qianci?" Lin Wanting asked, not getting an immediate reply.

"Okay, when?"

Hearing Su Qianci's answer, Lin Wanting was overjoyed and asked, "How about today?"

"All right. Then let's go to the Star King Plaza. There are more options there."

"Great!" Lin Wanting's eyes lit up. The Star King Plaza was the best mall in Kingstown. It would be satisfactory to Lin Wanting just to buy a loaf of bread from that place. Hearing Su Qianci's words, Lin Wanting was naturally overjoyed. A simpleton like Su Qianci would hand over what Lin Wanting wanted anyway as long as Lin Wanting played the poor victim.

Hanging up, Lin Wanting carefully did her makeup and left home. Lin Wanting arrived at the Star King Plaza more than ten minutes later. After waiting for another ten minutes under the sun, Lin Wanting was covered in sweat. However, Su Qianci still had not called her. Feeling a bit annoyed, Lin Wanting called Su Qianci.

"Why are you not here yet?"

Su Qianci sounded surprised. "You mean now? I thought we would go out in the afternoon. I'm not ready yet."

"Don't you always leave immediately after the call?" Feeling she was screwed over, Lin Wanting was upset.

Su Qianci said slowly, "I tend to procrastinate recently. I'm sorry. Just find somewhere to rest. I'll be there in twenty minutes."

Lin Wanting walked into a caf, ordered the most expensive drink, and waited for Su Qianci to come. Su Qianci would pay for the drink definitely. Twenty minutes later, Liu Anan got Su Qianci's call and felt relieved.

"Hi, I am inside the caf. Come!"

"The caf? That is so far away. I do want to go there. Come and meet me in the mall."

Lin Wanting was dazed and a bit worried. "But don't you want to have something to drink before going shopping?"

"Not really. Come over. I am at the brand you like inside the mall."

Gritting her teeth, Lin Wanting hung up and paid for her drink. That was the most expensive drink on the menu, which was the cost of ten meals of hers. That bitch Su Qianci did not come over, which had cost her a fortune!

I have to rip her off.

When Lin Wanting saw Su Qianci, she almost failed to recognize her. In high school, Su Qianci was the campus belle, but she had the worst style, all rebellious and gothic. However, Su Qianci was smiling at a shop assistant now, and just her profile attracted Lin Wanting's eyes. Su Qianci was now chic and fabulous. She was well-dressed but not overdressed. Anything Su Qianci was wearing was worth several months of her living expense. When Lin Wanting heard that Su Qianci was married to the most eligible bachelor in Kingstown, she did not believe the rumor. However, she started to believe it now. Feeling terrible, Lin Wanting gritted her teeth and hesitated.

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