The 99th Divorce Chapter 52

Feeling Lin Wanting's gaze, Su Qianci turned around and saw her. However, as she saw what Lin Wanting was wearing, Su Qianci slightly frowned. Without even speaking, Su Qianci clearly made Lin Wanting feel her reluctance.

Lin Wanting's face started to burn, feeling like she was the ugly duckling, having nowhere to hide in front of a swan.

"Lin Wanting?" Su Qianci smiled sweetly, as if it was not her who despised Lin Wanting.

Lin Wanting smiled reluctantly and said, "It's me."

"Would you try this eye cream for me and tell me whether it's good? I don't think I have ever used this one."

Hearing that, Lin Wanting was suddenly delighted. Even if Su married well, she was still a nobody. "No way, you have never used this?" Lin sounded mean.

Su Qianci had seen it coming. Lin Wanting seemed to be gentle but was actually even more petty than Liu Anan. Lin Wanting would never let go of a single opportunity to bully Su Qianci.

Taking the eye cream in Su Qianci's hand, Lin Wanting was a bit shocked. This was a ridiculously expensive brand, and the eye cream Su Qianci was checking out was their latest product.

Repeatedly trying the eye cream on the back of her hand, Lin Wanting could not help using as much as possible.

The shop assistant frowned and took the tester back, saying, "Miss, this is a very expensive product."

Lin Wanting stared at the shop assistant and said, "Expensive? Isn't that a tester?"

Su Qianci quickly stopped her and said, "That's okay." Then Su Qianci turned to the shop assistant and said, "I'll buy one of this."

The shop assistant was clearly nicer toward Su Qianci. "Absolutely. Just a second."

"I'll have one as well. Don't you dare look down on me!" Lin Wanting was angry.

Although suspicious, the shop assistant still wrapped up two pots of the eye cream. Lin Wanting acted based on her instinct but was shocked by the price. She secretly counted the digits of the price and found the eye cream cost more than ten thousand.

Feeling nervous, Lin Wanting thought of Su Qianci and then became relaxed again. She said, "Qianci, would you pay for mine as well? I did not bring cash with me."

"It's okay. They accept credit cards. I am using a card as well." Su Qianci smiled and took out the black card that Li Sicheng gave her.

Lin Wanting felt even worse seeing the card. Back in high school, Su Qianci had nothing on her. In just several years, Su Qianci had gone much farther than her.

The shop assistant took Su Qianci's card, processed the payment, and asked Lin Wanting, "Miss, you do have a card with you, right?"

Hearing these words, Lin Wanting gritted her teeth and sneered, "Sure." And then she took out her credit card from her purse. Seeing the card swiped, Lin Wanting felt her heart was bleeding.

Lin Wanting was suddenly relieved. Better lose her face than her money! That was her living expense in the next four months! When she was about to say she would not purchase it, Su Qianci spoke.

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