The 99th Divorce Chapter 53

"It's okay, you can use my card."

Smiling happily, Lin Wanting nodded. "Sure, thank you, Qianci."

"You're welcome. We are friends, aren't we?"

Su Qianci had a smile on her face, but her eyes became darker. After paying for the ice cream, she started to wander around in the shopping mall. With the ice cream in her hand, Lin Wanting felt that she had got back what she had paid for the drink at the caf. And Lin felt that she had Su Qianci under control again. Lin Wanting knew that Su Qianci would give her stuff for free. In high school, when Su Qianci was still very poor, she would give all her money to Lin Wanting after some sweet talk. Since she was so rich now

Lin Wanting was wondering how she could get Su Qianci to buy her a dress. Any garment in this plaza would easily cost more than a hundred thousand. If Su Qianci would give her a dress for free, then Lin Wanting would be making her trip worthwhile. Calculating inwardly, Lin Wanting held Su Qianci's arm and chatted intimately with her.

The starting plaza was a special shopping mall in Kingstown for its incredibly high price point.

Su Qianci knew what Lin Wanting was thinking but did not show anything on her face. Su Qianci wandered around and accidentally went inside a luxury store that Tang Mengying would have always taken her in her previous lifetime. The garments there were not only expensive, but also very mature. Su Qianci's wardrobe was full of garments from this brand, all dark and matronly. Seeing the store, Lin Wanting could only see how luxurious the garments were. The gowns were all long and gorgeous.

"Amazing!" Lin Wanting was stunned.

Seeing how Lin Wanting acted, Su Qianci had a smile on her face. She reacted the same way as the first time Su Qianci had seen this brand. Blinded by how beautiful the garments were, she had not taken into account whether they fit her age and character. Pathetically, she had bought everything Tang Mengying told her to. Lin Wanting was acting exactly the same as her back then. Su Qianci could almost see herself in Lin Wanting.

Ignorant and poor, she looked like she did not belong to this place. Before Su Qianci said anything, Lin Wanting had already entered the store. When Lin Wanting walked inside, the shop assistants did not move. However, when Su Qianci followed her to enter, someone immediately greeted Su Qianci.

Lin Wanting quickly picked out a beautiful black dress. It was luscious and heavy. The moment she put it on, Lin Wanting swirled and smiled. "How is it?"

Su Qianci nodded. "Great."

But it was very matronly. The dress made the twenty-year-old girl look like she was thirty. However, that was what Su Qianci was going for. In her previous lifetime, Lin Wanting had hurt her, so it was only natural for Su Qianci to collect the debt. The shop assistants quickly came up to pay her compliments, which made Lin Wanting feel on top of the world.

"Buy it if you like it."

Lin Wanting nodded. She liked the dress a lot. Its textile and the style were something that she had never seen before. Before putting it on, she could never imagine wearing something like this. The shop assistant was very talkative. However, her last sentence completely shocked Lin Wanting.

"Not that expensive. It's just 288,888. It looks perfect on you!"

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