The 99th Divorce Chapter 56

As Yu Lili said that, everyone looked to Su Qianci.

Su Qianci did not anticipate such words from Yu Lili, but it worked in her favor. Su Qianci smiled and nodded. "Okay." Then she looked to Lin Wanting. "It's all right, I can lend you the money first."

Hearing the word "lend," Lin Wanting hesitated. If Su Qianci would give it to her for free, she would certainly take it. However, thinking of such a huge debt, she felt much different.

"Okay, since Su Qianci said that, go take a pen and paper for Miss Lin to write an IOU."

"Okay!" The shop assistant answered and brought a pen and paper.

Lin Wanting's expression changed. "Yu Lili, do not cross the line."

Yu Lili never liked Liu Anan and Lin Wanting. If Lin knew that Yu Lili would be here, Lin Wanting would have never set her foot inside. However, it was too late for regret.

Seeing the pen and paper in front of her, Lin Wanting sought help from Su Qianci and said, "Su Qianci, aren't we good friends? Why are you doing this?"

As Su Qianci was about to speak, a rich lady next to her sneered, "Even brothers should sort out their bills. I think you are a charlatan. Good friends? Ha ha!"

"Who said that? What does that have to do with you?" Lin Wanting cried, "I don't want it anymore. How about that?"

"It would serve you better if you had said that earlier," the shop assistant said contemptuously. "Take it off. Do not get it dirty since you cannot afford it."

The one thing that Lin Wanting could not take was to be despised. Shaking all over, she almost slapped the shop assistant on the face. She stepped forward and bristled. "Who said that? It is only two hundred thousand dollars!"

Shocked by the reaction of Lin Wanting, the shop assistant saw the girl taking the pen and paper in her hand. As Lin Wanting started to write, she hesitated before writing the IOU down. It was Su Qianci She was borrowing from anyway. At this point, Su Qianci was only encouraged by Yu Lili. When Yu Lili was gone, Lin Wanting had a lot of methods to make Su Qianci clear her debt and give her the money for free. Thinking of Su Qianci's weak character, Lin Wanting felt much more confident.

It only took less than two minutes for her to write the IOU. Su Qianci paid for Lin Wanting in public, and Lin Wanting criticized all the shop assistants before she left. However, when they were about to leave, Yu Lili followed them.

Lin Wanting felt ominous and asked Yu Lili, "Why are you following us?"

Yu Lili glanced at Lin Wanting with her flirty eyes and chuckled. "I'm only walking my way. What does it have to do with you?"

When Lin Wanting was about to argue with her, Yu Lili went ahead and asked Su Qianci, "It has been a long time. Do you want to join me for a spa?"

Wearing a red dress, Yu Lili was fashionable and glamorous, smiling at Su Qianci. Su Qianci felt a bit dazed and suddenly recalled what she had heard from others about the life of Yu Lili in her previous lifetime. Su Qianci was an orphan, adopted by a family who could not have their own children when she was thirteen, and was taken back in the Su family when she was eighteen. Yu Lili was also an orphan, but she was adopted, or rather, bought by a man.

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