The 99th Divorce Chapter 57

Other than that, Su Qianci had never heard anything else about her. Mysterious. However, Yu Lili looked so incredibly good and successful as one of the shareholders of Star King Plaza. It was easy to tell that the man behind her back was no weaker than Li Sicheng. Su Qianci had only heard about that man but had never seen him. According to the rumor, he was as mysterious and successful as Li Sicheng. If Li Sicheng was number one, then that guy was absolutely number two.

Yu Lili had been choked to death in her own bed on her twenty fifth birthday in Su Qianci's last lifetime. Everyone had lamented the perishing of the beauty, but no one had dared to investigate who the murderer was

Su Qianci came back to herself, smiled and said, "Great."

Yu Lili's gorgeous features became even more vibrant. "Let's go."

Yu Lili took them to a first-class resort. The moment Lin Wanting arrived at the place, her eyes lit up and she immediately forced a serious face as if she were a queen. After a sauna, they entered the styling room in the resort.

"Oh my god, if it isn't Lili?" A man walked over with a famine gesture, oozing perfume.

Yu Lili seemed to be a frequent visitor to this resort. She sat down and pointed to Su Qianci and Lin Wanting. "I am taking my friends to do a makeover. Do you think you could give them any advice?"

The feminine guy skipped Su Qianci and directly started to criticize Lin Wanting, her hair color, style, hair texture, etc. Extremely worried, Lin Wanting asked, "What should I do then?"

"Doesn't matter. Jimmy is your best magician. Trust me with everything" As he said that, he had already taken a pair of scissors and cut a bunch of Lin Wanting's hair off.

Jumping from her chair, Lin Wanting bristled. "What are you doing?"

Jimmy was surprised. "I am doing you a favor. Look at you. You look like you are thirty years old. Come and sit down. Let your sister help you."

Lin Wanting looked at Yu Lili suspiciously and asked, "Is your friend a legitimate stylist?"

Before Yu Lili replied, Jimmy exclaimed extravagantly, "Am I a professional? If you don't trust me, please leave."

Leave? How could she leave? Her hair had been cut and there was a part missing. There was no way she could go out like this.

Yu Lili was sitting next to Su Qianci. Hearing what had happened, Yu Lili only glanced at Lin Wanting. "Jimmy is a famous stylist. You should trust him."

Lin Wanting sat down again with suspicions, not noticing that Yu Lili was trying to hold back her laughter.

Su Qianci had already known what Yu Lili was trying to do and whispered with a smile, "In fact, it could go even shorter."

Yu Lili was excited and nodded in approval. "You're actually terrible. I thought you were a saint." Yu Lili secretly gestured to Jimmy.

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