The 99th Divorce Chapter 59

Very soon, Lin Wanting was pulled away and the styling room became quiet again. Yu Lili leaned back on the sofa and picked her ears. "The world is finally quiet again. However, aren't you friends with her? I thought you would have helped her. It seems that you are not that dumb after all."

Of course. She had been dumb enough her previous lifetime. If she lost to Lin Wanting again, all her experience would have been wasted. Su Qianci curled her lips, feeling like Yu Lili was exceptionally delightful. In her previous lifetime, she had been brainwashed by Tang Mengying to believe that she should not contact her friends from her "poor years" since she had married Li Sicheng. She had never doubted Tang Mengying a bit. Only now did she realize how much fun she had missed out on.

Sitting opposite Yu Lili, before Su Qianci spoke, Yu Lili's phone rang. Seeing the name popping out on her phone, Yu Lili immediately became pale and picked up.

"I'm not home."


"With a friend."


"Girl friend."


"Okay Yes"

Yu Lili hung up and looked at Su Qianci apologetically. "I'm sorry. I have to go home."

From the brief conversation, it was not hard to guess who it was. Su Qianci nodded. "It's all right. I want to leave as well. Let's go together."

Yu Lili nodded and went out with Su Qianci. Su Qianci saw a Rolls-Royce parking on the roadside with the window down. The driver was waving at Yu Lili.

Yu Lili was dazed and embarrassed when she saw Su Qianci's knowing look. The men pushed her so hard. Yu Lili felt that she was a prisoner, and only was allowed to take a walk once in a while. Smiling awkwardly, Yu Lili walked to the Rolls-Royce and entered the car. Su Qianci felt that she had seen a figure with an arrogant look leaning back on the car seat. His eyes glanced at Su Qianci insolently with an intention to investigate.

Su Qianci recognized him at first glance. It was really him, Ou Ming! As Yu Lili disappeared in the car, Su Qianci heard automobile horns. She turned around and saw a low-key Maybach parking next to her. The window was rolled down, revealing a chiseled face. His lips were pursed, and his brows knitted. It seemed that he was a bit displeased.

"Get in the car."

Subconsciously, Su Qianci was going to open the car in the front. As she just reached out, she decided to go to the back instead. In her last lifetime, she had once sat in the shotgun seat and then kicked out by him. She did not want to go through that again.

However, before she went to the back, Li Sicheng's face got cold as he said, "Where are you going? Come to the front."

Su Qianci felt sullen. What is wrong with him?

He made it sound like it was her mistake. This man was not only erratic, but also annoying! Slamming the door, Su Qianci went back to the copilot's seat. Li Sicheng immediately started the car and asked in a low voice, "You know the lady of Ou Ming?"

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