The 99th Divorce Chapter 66

Yanked by the man unexpectedly, Su Qianci let out a cry and lost her balance. She tried to hold the car ceiling, but her hand was held down. Su Qianci almost fell on top of Li Sicheng. Her face fell into his chest, while her hand touched something warm. Subconsciously, she grabbed at that thing, which felt soft but then became harder. Shocked, Su Qianci suddenly realized what it was, released it, and quickly looked up.

She immediately met his dark eyes which were incredibly cold with hidden flames. It was either anger or desire. The mysterious look of his made Su Qianci sense an upcoming crisis. This man is terrifying. Su Qianci's heart raced. She wanted to get up, but her waist was held down by a strong arm. Su Qianci's heart trembled.

Mistrust filled his eyes. He looked exactly like when he listened to her trying to explain that she did not start a fire in her previous lifetime. However, in addition to the indifference, there were also anger and desire.

Li Sicheng seized her chin.

"Please" Feeling a sudden pain, Su Qianci exclaimed, her voice trembling.

Seeing that Su Qianci falling into the car, Lu Yihan was startled and quickly ran over. As he approached, he heard her exclaiming, which scared him. However, before Lu Yihan could touch her sleeve, the door of the Maybach was suddenly shut and the car was pulled away.

"Asshole! Would this guy hit a woman? And you call yourself a man! So disgusting!" Lu Yihan cursed, getting in his car and following the Maybach.

It was summer time, but Su Qianci felt a chill. Holding her chin, Li Sicheng could feel the slight quiver from her body. His eyes became even darker.

"You're scared of me?"

Hearing his question, Su Qianci's clenched her fists. Scared, of course. She had seen Li Sicheng like this multiple times in her previous lifetime. He was mad.Seeing that Su Qianci was silent, Li Sicheng squeezed her chin harder. Su Qianci frowned and clearly felt the heat of his hand.

"Since you're scared of me, why did you cheat on me?"

"I did not!" Su Qianci shook her head, but the pain on her chin was even sharper. "He is just my classmate."

Li Sicheng looked down and saw her breasts against his chest. Her deep cleavage moved slightly as she breathed. Just one glance made him go mad.

"A low-cut dress for your classmate?"

Su Qianci felt embarrassed, struggled to get up, but was pushed further down by him. Face to face, chest to chest, she could clearly feel the presence of his member down there.

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