The 99th Divorce Chapter 67

The heavy breathing was supremely clear in the silent car. Su Qianci's heart was racing like crazy. Feeling the erection against her stomach, Su Qianci stopped struggling. She gazed at him with her frightened look, begging silently. His eyes were locked on her. She was scared, while he was calm, as if he was not the guy who had a hard-on. The air felt sticky.

Although no one did anything, the chauffeur Yang felt his face burning.

Mr. Li is so energetic!

"Sir, a red Renault has been following us for a while."

Li Sicheng looked down and said quietly, "Go slower."

"Huh?" Yang thought he heard it wrong.

"Let him catch up. Isn't he trying to find out what I will do to this woman? Let him."

Su Qianci felt a bit uneasy, trying to stay away from him. However, Li Sicheng acted faster and covered her lips with his, holding her chin. Su Qianci was terrified. He was rough with her. He was taking and taking and taking, almost breaking her into pieces with his arms. Su Qianci tried to get away but was locked down again.

Noticing her disobedience, he lifted her up and put her on top of him. Su Qianci breathed rapidly, trying to get out of his grip with all her limbs. However, there was no way she could fight him. Holding her waist with one hand, Li Sicheng pushed her thigh down with his other hand, forcing her sex against his penis. Through layers of fabric, she could still feel the heat, which made her struggle harder.

Li Sicheng whispered in her ear, "If you move again, I will take you right here."

Yang did not dare to peek anymore. Hearing what Li Sicheng had said, he quickly put up the partition, looking straight ahead.

Su Qianci froze immediately. "You are not" You are not into me, are you?

Su Qianci gritted her teeth and eventually did not speak her mind. However, Li Sicheng had gotten other ideas.

What wasn't he? Her man? Her husband? Or That boy toy? Seeing that red car approaching them, Li Sicheng was furious.

Flipping over, he pushed Su Qianci down. Su Qianci let out a cry and fell forward onto the leather chair. Li Sicheng's dormant desire was stimulated further by the rustling of her dress. He bowed his head and bit her neck.

"Please don't" Su Qianci exclaimed, but the sentence was swallowed back.

Through the partition, Yang could still hear them. He clenched his legs as the car sex went on.

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