The 99th Divorce Chapter 72

Li Sicheng's cold gaze was cast upon Su Qianci again. He walked up, took the contract in his hands, and read it over. His eyes became darker and darker as he read. It was stamped by the best lawyer in Kingstown, Sheng Ximing. His law firm was the absolute best in Kingstown. Even with the connections of the Su family, she would have to wait for a week to get an appointment with Sheng Ximing.

However, there was no way that the Su family would let her get a divorce with him. Therefore, this had to be Su Qianci's own idea. Without any connection, she must have waited for at least half a month to get the stamp. That meant Su Qianci had been planning this divorce contract all along. Since that was the case, why had she married him? Li Sicheng suddenly became curious about what she was thinking. Gazing at her signature at the end of the contract, he pondered and looked away.

As he glared at her, she suddenly fretted and bowed her head helplessly. Like a deer. Although Li Sicheng did not have the best temper, he was smart enough to know that a marriage could not be forced. He immediately took the pen in her hand, signed the contract, and left. Su Qianci froze, looking at him going up the stairs, as if she was in a dream.

He signed it?

She looked down and saw his beautiful signature.

Li Sicheng.

Staring at his name, Su Qianci felt empty in her heart. Obviously, she wanted him to sign. However, when seeing his signature, she felt incredibly at a loss. He did not care at all. He was rough with her not because he cared about her, but because he cared about himself. Indeed.

11:30 PM, Charm Club.

A tall man was lying on the sofa, his burgundy jacket slightly open, exposing a lipstick stain on the collar of his shirt. Two women in revealing outfits were sitting on his side, trying to please him. Enjoying the treatment from the beauties, Ou Ming was holding a wine glass with his long fingers, watching the liquid flowing. With an evil smile, he asked, "For real?"

Sitting across him, Li Sicheng was occupying a large sofa himself. The chandelier cast a light spot on Li Sicheng's face, making his gorgeous features look even more striking. All the women present were obsessed.

How handsome!

It was rare that they had an opportunity to see this face. Li Sicheng nodded and stayed calm, accustomed to the glances thrown at him.

"What shall we do? The famous Li Sicheng was divorced. How shocking!" Although Ou Ming said that, it seemed that he could not be happier.

Glancing at him, Li Sicheng took a sip from his cocktail and taunted, "Did your woman run away again?"

His smile disappearing, Ou Ming gritted his teeth and said, "Can't you wish me anything good?"

"So, it seems that I have guessed correctly."

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