The 99th Divorce Chapter 73

Seeing that Ou Ming's expression had changed, Li Sicheng had a rare smile on his face.

"Why are you smiling? Didn't you just get dumped?" Ou Ming gritted his teeth and waved his hand to the ladies. "Go please Mr. Li!"

The two girls in sexy outfits immediately threw themselves at Li Sicheng. God knows how long they had waited! However, before Ou Ming said anything, they did not dare to move a finger. With Ou Ming's approval, they were both overjoyed.

"Mr. Li" Their sweet voices were airy and pretentious, making Li Sicheng feel nauseous.

His cold face became even darker as he grunted, "Go away!"

The two girls did not dare to go over again. Seeing that, Ou Ming laughed and said, "Why did you get so serious? Girls, you can go now. Li Sicheng never needs ladies."

The two girls were dazed.

What does that mean? He never needs ladies? Is he gay?

Looking at each other, the girls quickly went away.

Ou Ming held his glass and sat next to Li Sicheng. "Seriously, did the woman divorce you because you are impotent?"

Li Sicheng threw a cold glance at Ou Ming.

Having been his friend for many years, Ou Ming was used to that and chuckled. "Everyone knows that you have never had a woman next to you. You don't need to act tough in front of me. I know an expert who has done extensive study in that area"

"You've received advice from him?"

"As if! Why would I need that?"

"Then shut up."

"But are you?" Ou Ming insisted.

Li Sicheng pondered and said, "I think I might have frightened her at our wedding night."

"Would you mean?"

"I might have performed too well."

Ou Ming almost choked on the wine he had just drunk. Hitting the sofa, he laughed and said, "Ha-ha, I can't even"

Li Sicheng glared at him, raising a fist.

Ou Ming immediately stopped and said, "You should really consider the expert"

"I mean it," Li Sicheng interrupted him.

"How is that possible!" Ou Ming laughed nonstop. "She's just not that into you. Otherwise, all women would like to be impressed by a sex machine."

Li Sicheng looked at him in the most threatening way possible.

Ou Ming shut his mouth, cleared his throat, and suddenly realized something. "Wait a second. You're in love with her?"


"Then why would you want to touch her? Don't you always hate it when women touch you?"

"On the wedding night, someone drugged us."

It was definitely not Su Qianci though. As fainthearted as she was, she would not have the guts to do that.

"Tang Mengying had done this before and you simply sent her to the hospital. Why is this woman different?"

Li Sicheng said, "The Tang family is too ambitious. I would have to marry her if I slept with her. I am not so foolish as to do that."

"No way. I used to think the drug was flawed, and now it seems that the problem was you."

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