The 99th Divorce Chapter 75

Scooped up by Ou Ming all of a sudden, Yu Lili could not help throwing her arms around his neck. Ou Ming quickly walked into the bedroom and threw her onto the bed. Bouncing on the soft mattress, Yu Lili felt his body on top of her immediately. Covering her mouth, Ou Ming was as rough as always. He quickly ripped apart her silk lingerie and caressed her breasts.

Yu Lili couldn't help moaning, but soon stopped herself. She panted and cried, "Ou Ming, not today!"


"I just had my period."

Ou Ming calmed himself down and stood up, reaching for a cigarette in his pocket.

Yu Lili rubbed her stomach and frowned. "You just made my cramps worse. Why are you so horny?"

Hearing that, Ou Ming threw himself on top of her with the cigarette between his fingers, puffed some smoke on her face and said, "I'm always horny for you, and you alone."

Smelling the strong perfume on his body, Yu Lili smirked.

"You don't believe me?"

"I do."

Yu Lili knew that if she said no, Ou Ming would probably disregard her period and do whatever he wished.

"Great. You need to know that as long as I am alive, you belong to me." Ou Ming set up and asked her with half a smile, "You know the wife of Li Sicheng?"

"How is that your f**king business?"

"What?" Ou Ming raised an eyebrow, put out the cigarette, and approached her again. "It is indeed my f**king business. Feel it. It hurts."

Yu Lili squeezed his erection and said calmly, "It is quite stiff."


"You deserve it." Yu Lili was not being nice.

Ou Ming was so pissed that he smiled. But this was the type of woman he liked. If Yu Lili was anything different, he would not be interested in her.

"However, did you give her the stupid idea?"

"What idea?"

Ou Ming glanced at her suspiciously and said, "She wants to divorce Li Sicheng."

Yu Lili was a bit surprised, then felt it was understandable. She shook her head and said, "It wasn't me."

"Great. You better stay away from her. Otherwise, Li Sicheng would say that my lady is a bad influence on his."

"You're worried about that?"

"Not really. The only thing I'm worried about is that you would run away with another guy."

Hearing that, Yu Lili felt her heart had skipped a beat. She became nervous for some reason. She was extremely close to Ou Ming physically, so her reaction was immediately noticed by him. Ou Ming was only joking, but suddenly felt alarmed by Yu Lili's reaction.

"There is really someone?" His tone sounded dangerous.

Yu Lili dodged eye contact and quickly said, "What guy could there be other than you?"

Ou Ming smirked and went to shower. What Yu Lili did not see was how stern his face looked.

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