The 99th Divorce Chapter 752

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Su Qianci took out the ring box that had been in the palm of her hand, opened the box, took out the ring, and put it on the ring finger of Li Sicheng. Li Sicheng did the same.

“Now, I officially announce that you are husband and wife under the testimony of love and friends. The groom may kiss the bride.”

Su Qianci’s cheeks were reddish, as she kept her head down. Li Sicheng lifted her veil and held her face with affection and kissed her. Everyone was exhilarated. Cheers, congratulations, and teases were mixed together.

Even just transmitted through the cell phone speakers, it made her feel envious. What a surprise. Li Sicheng was so deeply into Su Qianci. What should she do, she was quite jealous… Yu Lili stayed up late to watch the live broadcast of their wedding. Every picture, every detail, was as refined as a gorgeous movie. Would Su Qianci think that she had entered a Hollywood blockbuster scene? At 5:30 in the morning, Yu Lili looked at the happy looks of Su Qianci and Li Sicheng and felt jealous. In addition to jealousy, Yu Lili had no other emotions. At the end of the live broadcast, Yu Lili refreshed her Weibo. The hot topics were all about them.

“Shock! LS Group couple coming back. Ready for dog food?”

“Deep-night dog food, LS couple Irish marriage, the scene was like a Disney blockbuster”

“She got everything every woman could be jealous of ”

“Everyone called her silly for waiting for four years without knowing that she was the biggest winner in life.”

all kinds of headlines, short and succinct. Enough for her to know what had happened to them. So envious…

Yu Lili chuckled, turned off her phone and put it aside, but she couldn’t sleep. At seven o’clock, she got up on time and washed. After spending five to buy herself breakfast, she arrived at the flower shop at 7:50 to start the business. Everything dreamy and beautiful only happened to Su Qianci. She was lucky. While Yu Lili suffered for her own sin.

After the ceremony, the rest seemed to be less important. This time, those who were invited to Ireland were all friends and brothers with a good relationship with Li Sicheng. The rest were all Su Qianci’s family and friends. Except for grandpa and Liu Sao, the rest of the family were all present. The children were following Li Jinnan and Lu Yihan, trying to get red envelopes. Su Qianci changed into a Chinese-style toast dress and felt utterly tired after a round of drinking.

Since everyone was quite close to the couple, Su Qianci simply went to the hotel and did not care. After removing her makeup and showering, she lay in the bed and played with her phone. Seeing the endless messages on her phone, Su Qianci realized that the entire wedding scene had been broadcast live! Now, it should be early morning in China.

The heat of the topic exceeded any previous one. Su Qianci went to any major website and found everything was about her wedding. The inexplicable sense of satisfaction came to her, and she suddenly saw a title “Everyone called her silly for waiting for four years without knowing that she was the biggest winner in life.”

It was a long article that told the story of Su Qianci’s experience over the past few years. Su Qianci finished reading it and felt it was magical. She was so great in the eyes of outsiders!

Happily forwarding the message, she wrote: It turns out that all the waiting is worth it [love]

The door of the room was opened. Li Sicheng smelled of alcohol, and when he saw that she was so leisurely playing with her mobile phone, he helplessly chuckled.

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