The 99th Divorce Chapter 78

Screaming on top of her lungs, Su Qianci could no longer protect her robe. The gigantic body of Coach Jin was on top of her.

"Get lost!" Su Qianci kicked her legs, which were held down by the man. She stopped and yelled, "My husband is Li Sicheng! I can pay you as long as you let me go."

"Ha, then I must be Ou Ming!" Coach Jin gritted his teeth and sneered, "You better cooperate, so that I can be gentle with you. We are doing something of pleasure. Why are you crying?"

Coach Jin then licked her neck. Su Qianci screamed, feeling her stomach churning. So disgusting! She threw up in the coach's neck.

Coach Jin froze and got up, yelling, "Damn you, bitch! You puked on me!"

Then he kicked Su Qianci right in her stomach. A severe pain almost tore her apart. With almost nothing covering her body, Su Qianci felt a sick quiver inside.

She looked at him, all pale. "Scum"

Coach Jin was even more angry, yanked her over, and slapped her hard. Su Qianci lost her balance and rushed into a mirror. It was hurting all over. However, it hurt the most in her stomach.

It hurts so bad

She was familiar with the pain she was feeling. Su Qianci almost lost her consciousness.

"Jin, look at that. She is bleeding!"

Covered in vomit, Coach Jin was in no mood to hear his friend's advice. He yelled at his friend, "Quiet! I must tear her apart today. Dammit! Is it the first time you see someone so hot?"

Su Qianci lay on the floor, weak and pale. She was almost unable to open her eyes at this point. Suddenly, she got up and threw herself at Coach Jin. Coach Jin had no idea that this woman would be so daring after almost being killed. He was knocked off balance and immediately pushed her away.

However, he suddenly glanced at the pool of blood on the floor. "I I did that?" Coach Jin was shocked. "When did this woman bleed so much?"

"Should we send her to the hospital?"

"At the rate she's bleeding, she will die."

"Hurry, we cannot have someone die here."

Coach Jin immediately decided. "No way! If this woman tells someone about today, we are dead. I think she will sue all of us."

"Then we shall we do?"

"No one knows about this anyway. Let's just go."


"What? You want to go to jail alone?"

In the end, those people decided to go into the elevator. However, when the elevator door opened, a man with a stern face appeared in front of them.

Li Sicheng! It was Li Sicheng. What was this man doing here?

The four of them were scared, covered in cold sweat. Li Sicheng glanced at the coaches, not paying any attention to them and walking out of the elevator.

However, he was suddenly reminded of something and called to them, "Hi, have you seen a student here whose name is Su Qianci?"

Hearing the name Su Qianci, those people became pale. One of them asked, "What is your relationship with her?"

"She is my wife."

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