The 99th Divorce Chapter 84

Her fingers digging deep into the blanket under her body, Su Qianci was soaked in sweat. She felt acute pain in her lower stomach, as if something was slipping through her fingers silently. This feeling was both familiar and disturbing. She could still hear what everyone had said to her in her previous lifetime:

"Bitch, you fell down the stairs deliberately to frame my Mengying? You think people are going to believe you?"

"What an evil woman. The baby is two months old and has a heartbeat already. But it is unlucky enough to have such a mother."

"Su Qianci, I did not expect you to be so treacherous. In order to incriminate Tang Mengying, you killed your own baby."

Everyone was pointing fingers at her, and everyone was casting disgusted looks at her. Grandpa was completely disappointed in her. Her mother-in-law loathed her. And even her father-in-law treated her coldly. The Su family also blamed her for everything. No one knew that Tang Mengying was the one who pushed her. No one believed that.

"She deserved it."

"Brother Sicheng is mine, mine!" Tang Mengying was smiling contentedly, holding the arm of Li Sicheng in the fire.

Suddenly, Li Sicheng opened his eyes and cursed Su Qianci coldly. "Disgusting!"

Su Qianci, you are so disgusting!

Her heart was wrenched. She stared at Tang Mengying and Li Sicheng, wanting to escape. However, she could not move or make a sound. Seeing more and more people coming toward her, cursing and pointing fingers, she heard everyone saying the same thing: disgusting, disgusting, disgusting

"No, it was not me"

Li Sicheng was half-asleep next to her bed and suddenly heard her weak cry. Desperate and helpless. He caught her swinging hands, and she squeezed his fingers hard as if she had found a savior.

"It's okay" Li Sicheng comforted her in a low voice, holding her hand.

He used his other hand to wipe away the sweat on her forehead, extremely gentle. He had no idea that he had it in him.

Her face covered in tears, Su Qianci slowly opened her eyes. She immediately saw Li Sicheng's hand. His hand was rough, with some calluses. It was dark, probably 4 or 5 o'clock in the morning. Su Qianci moved his hand away to look at the handsome face behind it. The light was off. However, his presence was still overwhelming to her.

"You're awake?" Li Sicheng saw that she was dazed and asked, "Do you need some water?"

Su Qianci stared at him. Familiar face and familiar expression. However, his tone was completely different.

Who is this? Li Sicheng?

She must be in a dream! How could Li Sicheng ever talk to her so gently? In addition, how could he stay around her at this time of the day?

Not getting a response from her, Li Sicheng poured her a glass of lukewarm water and placed it on the table. Then, he slowly helped her up, as if he was afraid to hurt her, whispering, "Are you feeling okay?"

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