The 99th Divorce Chapter 85

Su Qianci stared at him like a lifeless doll.

Li Sicheng frowned and wondered whether she had become dumb, when the woman suddenly reached for his face. His skin felt smooth and cold. His gorgeous features right in front of her eyes. He was real, and so close to her

It was not a dream. It was really Li Sicheng! However, didn't he hate her? Why

Su Qianci was dazed, subconsciously reaching for her lower stomach.

Seeing her movement, Li Sicheng frowned and asked, "Who told you?" Didn't they agree that she should not be told? "Drink some water!" Li Sicheng sat next to her, not taking any argument.

Su Qianci drank some of the lukewarm water but felt even more shocked. Her heart was incredibly sore. Tears fell like rain.

Li Sicheng took the glass in her hand away and held her in his arms. As she leaned against him, Li Sicheng clearly felt something blooming in his heart. Su Qianci couldn't help bursting into tears, her shoulders shivering. "Child, our child is gone"

His heart wrenched, Li Sicheng held her tighter. He patted on her back and whispered, "No tears. We're still young and can have another baby."

Su Qianci heard that and cried even harder. They were indeed young, but they would never have another baby. He hated her so much, so how could she bear his child again? He would wish her to stay away from him so that he could spend the rest of his life with Tang Mengying.

However, at this moment, she wanted to believe him very much. To believe that he was not just trying to comfort her and be nice, but meant what he said. She would just pretend that he did not hate her. And let the time stay for a while.

Li Sicheng slowly patted her on the back, his heart a mess. "Don't cry."

Su Qianci could not stop her tears but stopped sobbing. She looked up at his flawless face.

Li Sicheng looked down at her, his voice deep. "If you cry, you would not look pretty. Look at your eyes."

"You said I'm pretty?" Su Qianci was dazed and muttered.

Seeing that she had stopped crying, Li Sicheng was relieved and nodded. "That's right."

Su Qianci looked at him as if she had seen a ghost. He had never called her pretty. She must be in a realistic dream? Looking around, it was all dark. Indeed, no matter how real it felt, it was still a dream. She would not believe that someday Li Sicheng would treat her nicely.

She smiled bitterly, feeling sorry. However, since it was a dream, could she do something that she had always wanted to do but never dared to? Su Qianci held his waist tight and called, "Li Sicheng."


Su Qianci looked up, putting one arm around his neck and kissed him on the lips while he looked at her incredulously.

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