The 99th Divorce Chapter 9

"It's okay." Tang Mengying smiled. "I like to prepare gifts for auntie. Please have a look."

Mrs. Li did not hesitate and unboxed the carefully wrapped package before she saw a gorgeous green qipao dress.

Everyone looked amazed by the garment.

"So pretty!"

"Is that embroidery? So beautiful!"

Mrs. Li had a huge smile on her face, feeling extremely proud when hearing the compliments.

Mrs. Tang took the opportunity to approach her and said, "My Mengying is the best dressmaker. Look at the detailed work. It took her a long time to finish making it."

This remark caused even more shock among the ladies. Everyone looked surprised.

"Tang Mengying made it herself?"

"Impressive! Such a great girl!"

"With such skills and looks, Mengying, come be my daughter-in-law."

Tang Mengying smiled elegantly, like a true lady. She nodded to all the compliments without acting awkwardly.

Mrs. Li sighed inwardly. What bad luck! If Tang Mengying were her daughter-in-law, that would be amazing. How come it turned out to be such a woman! Thinking that, she looked at Su Qianci resentfully, her smile disappearing.

Su Qianci knew clearly what Mrs. Li was thinking. Everything happening under her eyes had happened in her previous lifetime. Everyone had been praising Tang Mengying, and Su Qianci had become her stepping stone. However, at this moment

"Su Qianci, what gift did you prepare for auntie?" Tang Mengying successfully moved the focus back onto Su Qianci. She smiled happily and kindly.

Ha, indeed. Such an act was the evidence of kindness to make Su Qianci feel less awkward in other people's eyes.

However, Su Qianci knew that Tang Mengying only wanted for her to make a fool of herself! In her previous lifetime, Su Qianci could only smile awkwardly when Tang Mengying had showed her kindness. Because her gift was some luxury product the Su family prepared for her. It was expensive but not thoughtful at all compared with the qipao "handmade"by Tang Mengying.

In her previous lifetime, when she had showed her gift in front of everyone, Mrs. Tang had commented, "so unthoughtful, and you are the daughter-in-law." After that, she had become the abomination. Everyone had started to praise Tang Mengying, and Mrs. Li had been even more upset about this daughter-in-law that she had never liked. She had wished that her son could divorce this woman immediately and marry Tang Mengying instead.

In the end, Tang Mengying said something to alleviate the awkwardness.

Sadly, the previous Su Qianci was so innocent that she had no idea she was set up. Instead, she was even grateful to Tang Mengying. In her previous life, she had always been positive and kind, unwilling to assume the worst in people. However, she had no idea that it was this mindset that caused such tragedy.

In this lifetime, she would not make the same mistake.

With a smile, Su Qianci did not immediately reply to Tang Mengying. Instead, she looked at the green qipao Mrs. Li was holding. Seemingly surprised, she asked, "Tang Mengying, did you study at Old Kingstown Qipao?"

Tang Mengying did not expect Su Qianci to suddenly change the subject and was surprised by her question. On the other hand, Mrs. Tang was less polite than her daughter. She sneered and said, "You think my Mengying has the same amount of leisure as you do? She went to Australia to study abroad and only graduated and returned a few days ago."

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