The 99th Divorce Chapter 93

Chapter 93: Do You Need Me to Feed You?
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Chasing away the unwanted guests, Li Sicheng took out the food he brought. Placing it in front of Su Qianci, he said in a low voice, "Lunch."

Su Qianci checked out what was in front of her and saw it was all therapy diet. Judging by the package, Su Qianci knew it was expensive stuff, but All the food was cooked with expensive Chinese medicine, but the taste made her frown.

"You don't like it?"

Of course she did not! Who would like to eat this?

Seeing her bitter face, Li Sicheng continued, "You need to eat it. Grandpa said you should."


Li Sicheng nodded.

"Where is he then"

Captain Li liked her a lot. She wondered why he hadn't visited her after the incident.

"Grandpa went to G Province a few days ago. He specifically called to make sure I buy these for you. He'll come back tomorrow."

No wonder. Su Qianci knew that Li Sicheng would not go all the way to the other end of the city to buy all this food for her. Of course it was grandpa's idea.

"Okay" Su Qianci felt a bit sorry. Suddenly, the room was filled with awkwardness. Although they were husband and wife, but they were not that familiar with each other. When spending time with Li Sicheng, she felt less comfortable than with Lu Yihan.

Noticing her being unnatural, Li Sicheng said, "Just eat."

"Okay, I know. I will eat in a bit." Su Qianci did not move. Noticing Li Sicheng's gaze, she added, "don't you have stuff to do at the company? Just go back first."

Glancing at the food, Li Sicheng said resolutely, "Grandpa said that I must see you eat all of it."

"Just tell grandpa that I have finished. I will eat later."

Li Sicheng's eyes became darker as he said, "Do you think I am gullible, or that grandpa is?"

What does he mean? Does he really want to watch me eat?

Su Qianci just couldn't. She had lost all her appetite smelling the food. Su Qianci felt a bit sullen. "Just play along and tell grandpa that I have eaten. Please, Mr. Li."

Mr. Li? She called him that again? So distant, as if there were a thousand mountains between the two of them. Li Sicheng felt displeased.

Does she have to be a stranger to me?

"You did not call me that before."

She didn't? It seemed that she had always called him Mr. Li. In addition, in her previous lifetime, he had always hated it when she had called him by his name. Su Qianci felt this guy had become more and more weird. Cursing inwardly, Su Qianci looked up timidly as she asked, "Then, what should I call you?"

Li Sicheng's eyes became colder as he said a bit harshly, "Whatever. Just eat."

It eventually came back to that. Su Qianci said bitterly, "Grandpa would not know anyway. I really don't have the appetite right now."

"Do you need me to feed you?" he threatened.
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