The 99th Divorce Chapter 94

Chapter 94: Flirting in Front of Him
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Glancing at her, Li Sicheng surprisingly took a small bowl and got her some soup. The one thing that Su Qianci feared most was to take medicine. No matter Chinese medicine or Western medicine, it would kill her to taste it. Looking at the soup, she immediately shook her head. "You must have some important business to attend to."


Su Qianci braced herself to drink the soup and found it was actually not as bad as she thought. Glancing at Li Sicheng, she found he was staring at her, his eyes deep.Her heart suddenly raced. Su Qianci quickly took the bowl and said, "I'll drink it myself. Just go."

"You really want me to go?"

"Yes!" Su Qianci nodded immediately. If he did not go, how could she get rid of the food? Seeing his look, she immediately added, "You're so busy at work and now you're also checking on me. I'm just trying to be thoughtful."

Li Sicheng looked knowingly and responded, "I'll go when you finish."

"No way There is so much food. I can never finish"

"It's okay. Take your time."

"You're so busy. The staff must all be waiting for you."

"So reluctant to eat?"

Su Qianci blushed and bowed her head. "It just doesn't taste good."

"It's therapy food, good for your health."


"All right. Let's get you something else. What do you want?"

"You will go get it?"

"I will call delivery."

Su Qianci felt a bit sullen. She had thought that he would go get it himself. "That's all right. It would take too long. I will just eat this." Su Qianci frowned and drank the soup. After she picked some dishes to eat, the majority of the food was still untouched.

"You're full?"

"Yes" Su Qianci blinked, looking like a bullied girl.

"Qianqian, check this out." It was Lu Yihan's voice. Then he paused and said, "Oh, Mr. Li's here as well." Lu Yihan held the lunchboxes in his hands high and said, "Perfect timing. Join us for lunch. I made a lot of food that Qianqian likes."

Qianqian? So intimate.

Also, even he had no idea what his wife liked. Why did this boy toy know her preferences so well? As Lu Yihan opened the boxes, Li Sicheng was even more depressed. He made all this himself?

Su Qianci's eyes immediately lit up. She sniffed, and her mouth immediately watered as she smelled the food. "Shredded chicken, sweet-and-sour pork"

"Good nose." Lu Yihan walked and saw all the leftover. He sighed and said, "No wonder"

Li Sicheng watched Lu Yihan taking out several dishes. Although they were quite ordinary, they sure looked tasty.

"Smelled so great. Your cooking is even better now!"

"For sure. Way better than yours!"

These ordinary words sounded different in Li Sicheng's ears. They were flirting right in front of him? Li Sicheng felt there was a volcano about to explode inside of him. Thinking of the divorce contract that he had signed himself, he felt even more angry. However, he had no reason to be mad. Hadn't he already signed the document and decided to set her free? So, what reason did he have to be mad?
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