The 99th Divorce Chapter 95

Chapter 95: One Million
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Previously, Lu Yihan had only known rumors about Li Sicheng. Feeling so pressured in front of him, Lu Yihan was quite surprised. Passing utensils to Li Sicheng, Lu Yihan said warmly, "You haven't eaten, right? Let's eat together."

Seeing his youthful smile, Li Sicheng suddenly felt suffocated. He glanced at Lu Yihan and immediately walked out of the room. Typical Li Sicheng.

Lu Yihan sighed and said, "Your husband really doesn't have the best temper."

Su Qianci smiled, did not respond, and changed the subject. What the two friends did not notice was that a slim figure was holding a cell phone, taking a picture of them eating together quietly.

After staying at the hospital for two days, Su Qianci was discharged. In order to take better care of her, Captain Li asked Su Qianci to live at the old house. Within two days, the relatives of the Li family all came to see her with all kinds of gifts. At the same time, Su Qianci had become bored after listening to all the pleasantries.

However, Su Qianci noticed how things had changed. In her previous lifetime, when she lost her baby, no one had come to see her at all. There were even many people siding with Tang Mengying, cursing her with disgusted looks. However, the same people had shown completely different reactions this time around.

Su Qianci was asked to rest for half a month by the doctor, so she just stayed at the old house, chatting with her mother-in-law and playing chess with grandpa from time to time. But during the two weeks, Li Sicheng never came to visit her. When grandpa called Li Sicheng to ask him, Li Sicheng simply said he was busy. What a perfect excuse. Grandpa could not say anything to that other than tell him to see Su Qianci as often as possible. Su Qianci felt discouraged. Her hope died out once again.

After half a month, Su Qianci moved back to Li Sicheng's place. However, when she went there, Li Sicheng was still nowhere to be found, making her feel a bit frustrated. Just like her previous lifetime. He always seemed to be busy. She had probably hoped for too much.

Resting for another two days, Su Qianci got a call from Lin Wanting on the third day. It was August 8, the date of the high school reunion.

"Su Qianci?"

"What's up?"

"It's great to hear your voice. I heard you aren't feeling well recently. Are you better now?"

How phony.

Lin Wanting was famous for being vengeful. Last time, she had suffered so much because of Yu Lili and Su Qianci, so there was no way that Lin Wanting would talk so sweet without any agenda. If it was the old Su Qianci, she might have bought it. However,


"Tonight, it is the high school reunion. Where are you? Would you care to join me for tea?"

"Let's talk over the phone instead."

Lin Wanting gritted her teeth. However, she decided to hold back her anger and follow her script. "I have a secret and want to sell it to you for one million dollars. You would definitely be interested."
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