The 99th Divorce Chapter 96

Chapter 96: Perfect Scene
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One million dollars? She really dared to ask for that much money! Su Qianci chuckled, "Have you lost your mind?" Even if she had the money to squander, she would not give it to Lin Wanting for no reason.

Lin Wanting had expected that, hesitated, and said, "I know that because of the slut Yu Lili, you have changed your mind about me. But I want to tell you that I am still the same old friend that you always had. I cherish you as a friend and want to stay close to you."

Stay close to her? And treat her like a fool? Su Qianci shook her head, not saying a thing.

"I have learned that Liu Anan is colluding with her cousin to set you up tonight."

"So?" Su Qianci did not show any emotion.

Hearing her reply, Lin Wanting asked again, "I sneaked into Liu Anan's room and saw their entire plan. Isn't it worth it to spend a million dollars?"

Of course it was worth it. In her previous lifetime, had Su Qianci had the opportunity to learn their plan, she would have spent ten million dollars. However, she had lived through that already. She had experienced what would happen tonight and did not need to spend the money. Most importantly, she did not want Lin Wanting to win.

"Su Qianci, trust me. It would definitely be worth it. You would be happy to know that you have learned their scheme in advance."

"But why should I trust you?"

Lin Wanting paused and said, "Qianci?"

"Why should I trust you? You are the best friend of Liu Anan. How do I know that you are not doing this to help her instead of me?"

That had happened in her previous lifetime. Lin Wanting and Liu Anan ruined her entire life last time. There was no way she would trust Lin Wanting again.

Hearing her words, Lin Wanting said quickly, "For real. If you don't believe me, you would definitely regret it."

Su Qianci raised an eyebrow and simply hung up.

Since the accident in the martial arts studio, the studio was shut down because of alleged drug dealing. It was her summer vacation, so Su Qianci had nowhere to go. She finally turned on the TV and started watching. She turned to International Arts Channel and saw a middle-aged man playing piano attentively. His features looked elegant.

Song Yifan. The only Chinese member of Global Piano Association. One of the few idols that Su Qianci had. Rumor had it that since Song Yifan's girlfriend passed away, he never married again. In her previous lifetime, Su Qianci went to one of his concerts and fell in love with piano because of him. She had learned piano for five years.

Seeing Song Yifan again, Su Qianci suddenly felt like playing. In fact, Li Sicheng had a piano in the backyard. He occasionally played it, but most of the time no one would use it. Su Qianci walked into the backyard and immediately saw a pavilion covered in wisteria. A white grand piano was placed underneath.

Li Sicheng happened to be looking out of the French window of his study. He saw a girl in white walking toward the piano under the wisteria. The morning sun added warmth to that figure. Although it was past the blooming season of wisteria, he still felt like this was the perfect scene from a dream.
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