The 99th Divorce Chapter 98

Chapter 98: Your Music
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His cell phone suddenly rang, bringing Su Qianci back to reality. For some reason, Su Qianci had tears all over her face. Su Qianci turned around and saw his dark eyes. They were cold as always but had some other emotions hidden within them. He seemed to be intrigued.

Su Qianci's heart suddenly raced. She quickly moved her gaze away. When had he arrived? She had not noticed it at all.

Li Sicheng looked away and saw her hands placed on the keyboard.

Su Qianci suddenly stood up, wiping her tears away hurriedly and stepping away from the piano.

"I thought"

I thought you weren't here, so I wanted to try it secretly.

She swallowed the sentence back, her fingers pinching her white dress. She bowed her head nervously.

"When did you learn piano?" Li Sicheng eventually spoke, his voice deep. It was the first time he had talked to her since she left the hospital.

Her heartbeat suddenly quickened as Su Qianci looked up at his face. Calm as always. She could not tell what he was thinking. "I"

"The music" When Su Qianci was trying to explain how she suddenly learned piano, he had changed the subject. She looked at him, puzzled. Li Sicheng stopped the ringing phone and sat down in front of the piano. "It's quite good."

Su Qianci was dazed, quickly blushing. She felt like she was on top of the world. Did he just give her a compliment?

Li Sicheng did not seem to be noticing Su Qianci's reaction. He looked at the keyboard and then his fingers started to dance. The familiar melody surprised Su Qianci. He was playing her tune? She had only played it once, and he had already learned it. Li Sicheng only memorized a part of it so he stopped playing, asking, "What's the name?"


"I like your music."

Hearing that, Su Qianci's heart raced even more. When she was about to say something, Li Sicheng's phone rang again. From Su Qianci's angle, she could see a familiar name.

Tang Mengying.

Her heart beat slowed down as her fists clenched.

Right, Tang Mengying.

There was always Tang Mengying between them. Seeing Li Sicheng answering the call and walking away from the piano, Su Qianci felt something had left her heart
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