The 99th Divorce Chapter 99

Li Sicheng soon finished talking. Seeing how Su Qianci's emotion had changed, his eyes became darker.

"Sir, Madam, breakfast is ready." Nanny Rong called.

Li Sicheng looked back and said, "I will not be home for dinner tonight."

Nanny Rong blinked and suddenly realized he was talking to her, nodding hurriedly. However, it was the first time that Li Sicheng had ever told her about his whereabouts. He was most likely talking to Madam instead of herself. Nanny Rong confirmed her guess when seeing Li Sicheng's look.

However, Su Qianci had no idea what had happened. She walked away from the backyard, her mind occupied by what was going to happen that night. Tang Mengying was the secretary of Li Sicheng. In her previous lifetime, Tang Mengying had altered Li Sicheng's schedule, making him reside at Royal Hotel and arrange for Liu Anan to humiliate Su Qianci. However, in this lifetime, Liu Anan had already done that and been sent to the police station. So at this reunion, they were likely to change their plan. Su Qianci suddenly realized that it might not have been wise for her to turn down Lin Wanting's offer.

In deep thought, Su Qianci had brushed past Li Sicheng. What she did not notice was that the moment she went past him without even glancing at him, he frowned. This woman had become so daring that she started to ignore him. Couldn't she tell that he was talking to her instead of Nanny Rong? Even Nanny Rong could tell. However, she did not even bother to care about his life.

"Su Qianci!" Li Sicheng exclaimed.

Su Qianci turned her head back, feeling at a loss. Seeing her confused look, Li Sicheng was even more pissed off. Didn't she know what she did wrong? Ignoring him?

"What's wrong?"

Li Sicheng gazed at her deeply and then left.

Su Qianci felt even more puzzled. "What was that about?"

Weird guy.

In the living room, Su Qianci took up the phone and called Lin Wanting back. However, the call never went through. Clearly, she was blocked.

Su Qianci suddenly felt stupid that she had not thought of this possibility earlier. Liu Anan and Tang Mengying would definitely have some new tricks up their sleeves. What should she do at that time?

7 PM, Royal Hotel.

In the ballroom on the top floor, gentle light emanated from the chandelier and fell on the bustling crowds. A lot of people had arrived already, chatting and giggling. Fu Lengbing was in a casual conversation when he suddenly glanced at a woman in blue, which made his eyes light up.

At the door, Liu Anan was enjoying the envious gaze as she elegantly walked inside.

"How pretty!"

"Is that Liu Anan? She looks quite different than before."

"That's right. I bet her outfit costs nearly a million."

"Who is that woman behind her looking like an old lady?"

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