The Alchemist Of Harry Potter Chapter 515

Chapter 515: Py Transaction

In the morning, Albert opened his eyes and suddenly sat up from the bed.

Somehow, he had a strange dream.

In the dream it seemed... After he married Isabel, Catherine took a child and said it was his daughter.

Then, Isabel pinched his neck and said that he had betrayed her?

"What kind of messy dreams." Albert muttered, covering his cheek with his hand.

Could it be that because Catherine was so beautiful that he had such a strange dream?

Albert thought it was quite absurd.

He covered a yawn, raised his head and glanced at the strange room, his gaze fell on the neatly arranged clothes on the table.

After changing into clothes and getting up to wash, Albert went directly to the living room.

The two old people were already here, and I didn't know what they were talking about, they all smiled and greeted him when they saw him.

"Good morning, Mr. Anderson, did you sleep well last night?"

"Not so good." Albert moved his neck a little, "Maybe he came to an unfamiliar place and he was not used to sleeping!"

Nicholas smiled and passed the New York Phantom to Albert.

"The reporters from the New York Phantom know that you are in the United States, and they are looking for you everywhere." Nicholas reminded: "They obviously want to interview, you, the youngest international wizard chess champion ever."

There is also an interview above. The wizard named Carter said a lot of bad things about Albert.

"No matter where the newspaper is, bloggers' attention is inevitable." After reading his part of the report, Albert put the New York Ghost on the table.

"It's normal, unless you start your own newspaper." Nicholas said with a smile.

Soon, the house elves delivered a hearty breakfast with milk, croissants, fried sausages, fried potatoes, fried eggs, fried mushrooms, tomatoes, and a tablespoon of stewed peanuts.

Similar to breakfast in the UK.

In other words, in order to follow the diet of the two, this kind of breakfast was prepared.

"Miss Catherine hasn't gotten up yet?"

When Albert was dining, he was a little surprised not seeing Catherine, so he asked casually.

"She had something to do and left early in the morning." Nicholas said with a smile, "However, Kathleen was very happy to meet you, but she was a bit shocked by you."

"Beat me?"

"Yes, Catherine's talent was discovered by me when I was very young. Later, when I went to the Ifamuni School of Magic, I immediately showed amazing talent and became a famous genius in the school." Nicholas drank. After taking a sip of milk, she recalled: "It's just that, because of her childhood, her character has always been withdrawn and she has no friends."

For some reason, Albert smelled an unusual smell, did not answer the conversation, and continued to eat.

In fact, Isabel should be quite suitable to be Catherine's friend. Both parties are geniuses. It is estimated that there will be many topics to talk about, but the dream in the morning made Albert completely give up the idea of introducing Isabel to the other party.

After breakfast, the two went to Nicholass workshop. They were in a grocery room outside the villa. There was a non-marking stretch curse inside. The room was neatly placed with a lot of alchemy equipment, even better than Nicholas. The home is exaggerated.

"This is a dark fan?"

Serra saw the magical items randomly placed on the table, and was slightly surprised to see it here.

"According to your suggestion, I made it into a stealth smoke bomb." Nicholas pointed to the stealth smoke bomb and introduced them to them: "Of course, your lifting technique has been improved several times. Now Peru has it. It can produce dark fans steadily and continuously. There are many wizards in the black market who like this thing very much and it is very suitable for escape."

"I didn't propose it," Serra said, pointing to Albert. "Do you mind showing me your new technology?"

"do not mind."

Nicholas showed them the manufacturing process of dark powder. He was not worried that the other party would use this to make money, because Peru had been monopolized by him and his friends.

Watching Nicholas skillfully mix and heat some ground ore powder with concentrated plant fruit powder, after some treatment, the dark powder is finally extracted, giving Albert the feeling that this is like real alchemy.

Nicholas also asked Albert if he would give it a try.

Albert followed Nicholas' method, tried twice to successfully create a dark powder, and mastered this skill by the way.

The latter is not too surprising. After all, he is a genius. It is normal to be able to do this level. The manufacturing process of dark powder is not difficult.

"This is an extract of sleepy beans."

Nicholas pointed to a bottle of silver thick juice and introduced to them, "Taking it directly can remove people's memory, and dilute it with the venom of the Curly Wing Devil according to a certain ratio to create a powerful amnesiac."

"The Magic Congress of the United States purchases a certain amount of sleepy bean extract from me every year." Nicholas continued, "The last time Newt helped them solve the problems exposed by the American magical world, the Ministry of Magic also wants to follow the example of the large-scale memory erasure. Skill. It's a pity that they can't find the wizard who can tame Thunderbird, so they can only let the wizard ride a broom..."

At this point, Nicholas smiled ill-intentionally.

"Of course, more of them are needed in the American Magical Injury Hospital. As long as the dosage is right, it can eliminate some bad memories, which is better than the forgetting spell."

"Of course, this thing is expensive, because it takes a lot of sleepy beans to extract the silver extract of such a test tube from it. This is also the source of the great pot on my face."

"What's that?" Albert noticed a sealed test tube in an air-conditioned glass box.

"That's potion potion," Nicholas said softly.

"The Potential Potions in "The Book of Potions" by Zygmunt Bach"

"Yes." Nicholas took the test tube out of the glass box and handed it to Albert. "The situation of potions in the United States is not much better than that of alchemists. However, we can always find a way to survive."

"Not all descendants of wizards can possess powerful magical powers. Many well-known and wealthy wizard families are keen to give their children this potion to stimulate their magical potential and allow them to be ahead of other wizards in some ways. Nicholas continued, "After they graduate from school, they can enter the Magic Congress of the United States, become an excellent Auror, or get other more promising careers."

"The American wizard already knows how to grow the phantom sniffing grass?" Albert asked, raising his eyebrows.

"I have tried it, but the effect is very poor. Most of the cultivated Sniffing Grass is dead, and there is no magical garden. The Sniffing Grass is of high quality. Before it can be made into a potent potion, it usually needs to be purified. Potion."

"They were all forced out by money!" Albert said softly.

"After all, they don't have a lot of pots to squander like I do." Nicholas knew it was not easy for others.

The alchemists and potions in the Americas are still united, forming an intricate network of relationships through their interests, which is one of the reasons why Nicholas can obtain a large amount of magic materials.

"Did they try to study Buffy Brain Rejuvenant?"

"Yes, but it's a bit dangerous and unstable. It requires a very skilled potion master to successfully refine it."

In fact, the potions masters also want to make Buffy Brain Rejuvenation to make money, but if this thing is not done well, they may drink people into fools.

It's better to make money by making a blessing potion, at least if the blessing potion fails and is poisoned, you can still be saved.

"I know a potion master. UU read www.uukanshu.com" Albert thought for a while and then said, "Hertork Duggworth, I think you might have heard his name. I once asked him Help me make Buffy Brain Rejuvenation, but that thing does have some effect."

"Of course, I will also make Buffy Brain Rejuvenator, but it's not easy to get Rune Eggs." Albert said suddenly, "and more practice is needed."

"The raw materials can be obtained from Burkina Faso." Nicholas understood Albert's meaning and said, "As long as you have a way to provide a reliable Buffy brain refresher."

"Burkina Faso"

"A small country in Africa, where there is a forest dedicated to protecting the snakes, and many wizards specialize in raising the snakes for sale." Nicholas said without hesitation, "The fangs of the snakes needed by the Floo powder are also I got it from that country."

Many people directly use the powder made from Rune snake venom instead of Floo powder, and they blow up themselves, but they don't know that the thing needs alchemical processing to make Floo powder.

"Okay, let's talk about this!" Albert asked, shaking the potion potion, "what do you want me to do?"

"I hope you can be Catherine's friend." Nicholas said seriously, "After she becomes my heir, she is destined to have no good friends in the future. You, both geniuses, should have a lot of topics. ."

"Are you sure it's just a friend?" Albert asked.

"Of course, if you want to chase my granddaughter, I don't..."

"No, I already have a girlfriend." Albert shook his head, "However, if it is a friend who communicates on magical alchemy, I would be happy to contact him through the double-sided mirror."

Albert could see that Nicholas cared about his granddaughter.

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