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  • The Apocalyptic Mother And Her Struggles

  • Genres : Weak to Strong -  Female Protagonist -  Zombies -  Survival -  Gore -  Mother -  male fall in love first -  otaku culture -  instincts
  • Status : Ongoing
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The Apocalyptic Mother And Her Struggles summary:

After dying in hands backstabbing friend that she thought of to be a sister she reopened her eyes and prepared for the final days before everything changes. But to be able to protect her child she needs to clean some trash first. On the day of the apocalypse, she sat in her chair and a drunk glass of expensive vine. Want me to save you. Sure. The cow needs to be feed, the pigs need to be washed and manure needs to be spread on our fields. Don't you want? Go out and never come back. Story of a single mother that just wanted to protect the most important person on the planet. Her own daughter Aisa.---This is going be to just a trial to write a different view from all the battles. Real otaku fights from the soft chair in the safety of own home. You want to fight and kill, do it. I am an otaku and I like it this way --- :)

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