The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage Chapter 805

Chapter 805 I Just Want To Tease You

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Gu Jingze looked at it for a long time. He could only turn his head and ask, Are you sure?

Lin Che shook her head vigorously. Lets go lets go. If not, I can ride the bicycle and you can stay still behind me.

He looked outside and sighed. Never mind, let me ride it.

If she was the one riding the bicycle, he thought that they would be close to death.

He just got back the life with his wife and his child, so he did not want to get into trouble so soon.

Gu Jingze went over to adjust the bike. He was strong and carried the bicycle as he quickly walked out.

Lin Che looked and covered her mouth, shocked at his strong look. Then, she quickly followed him.

Looking at that strong arm made her feel a sense of longing.

She felt that strong men were the best at making one feel safe. Thus, looking at him doing that made her feel extremely good.

She pridefully straightened her back and pulled him out.

After heading out, he purposely found a small road with no pedestrians usually. After sitting on the bike, he still felt uncomfortable when looking at the bike. But he forced his eyes, thought about getting it over and done with, and sat on properly.

Lin Che looked at his unwilling expression and speechlessly said, Hey, I just wanted you to ride a bicycle. Is that so difficult for you? Is riding the bike a bad thing?

Gu Jingze scanned his surroundings. It was alright but this was in the neighborhood so if someone saw

The head of the Gu family coming to ride a bicycle he had never ridden like this.

Lin Che pondered for a bit and smiled wickedly.

Upon seeing how he had seated down, she quickly climbed up the backseat and patted his back. She said, Faster faster we are heading off.

Gu Jingze said, Okay, hold on tight.

Lin Che acknowledged and just sprawled across Gu Jingzes back

She felt him move just a little.

Lin Che laughed. Whats wrong?

Gu Jingze froze, feeling how she touched him in an extremely comfortable manner.

Gu Jingze was still in a daze when Lin Che patted his back. Faster! Faster! Lets go!


Gu Jingze immediately paddled quickly.

Lin Che bent forward, almost hitting him. Her chest once again leaned at his back.

A faint slight uncontrollably appeared on Gu Jingzes face. He did not know that behind him, Lin Che had just started executing her devilish ideas.

Lin Che felt the bike moving, the wind blowing across her hair. She raised her arms and shouted comfortably.

She turned her face to the side and looked at Gu Jingze. Everything a handsome guy did was dashing. She did not understand why he thought riding a bicycle would be embarrassing since he looked so cool as if he did not use a single bit of strength and just paddled on in a relaxed way. The wind blew at the strands of hair on his forehead, making him look more cheerful. His entire face was revealed, every line on his face touched by the wind. That look was extremely beautiful as if the wind was using its gentle hands to touch every perfect line on his face.

Lin Che turned her head to appreciate it for a while and immediately returned to pulling her face at him. Her hands wrapped around his waist from behind.

Gu Jingze felt her tight squeeze and said, Dont worry. You wont fall.

Lin Che said, Now, I cant, but who knows if I will later?

She smiled mischievously. Before Gu Jingze noticed, she slipped her hands underneath his clothes.

Slightly cold hands slipped in. His body paused and asked, Hey, Lin Che, what are you doing?

My hands are cold. You need to help me warm me.

This reason was okay, but, warming hands meant warming hands. Could you stop moving your hands up?

He almost shouted and fell.

His voice became rough. He tipped his head and could see her at the corner of his eye.

She was laughing increasingly arrogantly, her small face brightening up.

She really thought, This texture was too good.

His chest abs were not too big and not too small, his muscles tight with perfect shapes. Touching it felt like a piece of art. The texture was so good that she felt like crying.

She could not keep her hands off

She thought, With this body, she could never leave him because she was angry. What if such a pretty and soft body was touched by another woman? Thinking about it made her mad. Definitely unacceptable!

His voice became rough like a deep double bass. He mumbled to her, Lin Che if you continue to teasing me, are you going to take responsibility?

Her hand stopped, but she felt Gu Jingze stopping the bike immediately.

Oh no, he was going to take revenge

Lin Che felt ominous. She wanted to escape, but she did not want

Her hand was immediately captured by him.

Afterward, he flipped over the bicycle, looked back, and pulled Lin Che, looking into her eyes.

Lin Che felt guilty of being caught, immediately losing her air of confidence.

I I cannot. I dont know how to. You better look carefully. What is this place> How can I? Lin Che madly avoided his deathly tempting gaze, trying to find an opportunity for her to run away.

But, Gu Jingze did not even give her a chance. Upon seeing her like this, he immediately said, Alright if you dont know how to, I will have to teach you from scratch


Lin Che looked up and saw him pressing his lips against hers.

That warm voice was somehow tempting, the scratchy tone was extremely charming.

When Lin Che took a breath, he once again bit her lips.

There was no one in this forest lane and the yellow lights shone on the top of their heads, leaving behind a shadow just like a pair of lovers.

However, at this moment

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